Spring Things

March 29, 2011

Guess what is finally here?!

Well, yes, spring, but more importantly…our annual Spring Mix. Presenting: Spring Things!

Celebrate spring with sunny corn flakes, goldenraisins, wild blueberries and sunflower seeds. Besides being light and naturally delicious, this recipe will boost your energy levels so you can knock out that yard work (or any other spring things) before lunch.
Try our new spring mix today and let our cereal mixologists know what you think at contact@meandgoji.com.

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the freshest cereal on earth

September 13, 2008

the healthiest things grow on trees

the healthiest things grow on trees

the day has arrived.  after many long months spent on laptops in cafes and other various structures providing free wi-fi,  [me] & goji shipped out its first batch of orders all across the country this week (in 100% Post Consumer Waste boxes, of course).

for those new to us, [me] and goji is a new way of thinking about cereal–where you choose the ingredients.

we’ve already had a great response in our first week and we’d like to thank everyone that has checked out our site and designed their own cereal.

also, thanks to everyone who has offered their input, suggestions, loves, hates, and inspiration.  we have many exciting things coming soon and we hope you will join in our development and help shape our future.

we are, after all, a company based on customization.

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