Top 5 Cereal Names

April 27, 2011

A clever twist on Easter claims the top!  Best of the best last week…

1. Hippety Hoppity Bippety Bobbity Easter Bunny Bites  (Recipe ID: 266790)

2. Good for your heart.  Just like your dinosaur (Recipe ID: 266997)

3. *gigitty* (Recipe ID 266863)

4.  Breakfast Besos (Recipe ID: 267241)

5.  Tom & Alie.  Eat your cereal, then start your day!  (Recipe ID: 267061)


Top 5 Cereal Names

April 5, 2011

This week, Charlie Sheen takes second place to our good friend Addie, who claims the top spot with a picture of Alexander’s Dad…

1.  me and your dad. I better win a contest.  (Recipe ID: 26720)

2. winning.  (Recipe ID: 263134)

3. You’re So Cinnamoney, You Don’t Even Know How Cinnamoney You Are.  (Recipe ID: 262984)

4. The Foss Fabulous Fruittata  (Recipe ID: 263059)

5.  Protein Man! (Recipe ID: 263182)

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Top 5 Cereal Names

March 25, 2011

Best of the best this week, including shouts to the Adam Carolla show and our classic double rainbow friend!

1. Double Rainbow (Recipe ID: 262558)

2. Mandate, get it on  (Recipe ID: 261803)

3.  BUGS  (Recipe ID: 261504)

4.  Crafty Carmen’s Crossbone Capsule  (Recipe ID: 262085)

5.  Nuts for You  (Recipe ID: 262455)

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Top 5 Cereal Names

March 13, 2011

Our number 1 must have read the NY Time Article. Best of the best this week…

1. Eat Muesli! Not Cardboard!  (Recipe ID: 260146)

2. Kitchen Sink Granola Crunch (Recipe ID: 260143)

3.  Wheat Cacao Pow-Wow (Recipe ID: 260134)

4. Due Justice (Recipe ID: 260099)

5. Decadence Take Two (Recipe ID: 259607)

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Top 5 Cereal Names

December 17, 2010

Best of the best this week…

(and some wise words from our top spot!)

1. read this instead of the kashi box (Recipe ID: 236782)

2. Nuts enough like i am, don’t need any in my cereal!   (Recipe ID: 236577)

3. Monsieur Fuzzy Pants Cereal  (Recipe ID: 236900)

4. LizAS ILLL MIX YO  (Recipe ID: 236948)

5. Boo Boo’s Bloobury Granola  (Recipe ID: 236895)

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best of the best this week. loving #1…

1. corn in the usa, but raisin’ france

2. Candace is Currantly Berry Nuts

3. Currant-ly Delicious

4. Neat and Wheaty

5. Gayle Quit Eating Your Wife’s Breakfast

we missed a few weeks but we’re back on like donkey kong and we’ve added some fun links for each name! we’ve been buried in the warehouse since the Today Show feature wednesday so we had lots of great names to choose from.  here are our favs

1) al roker’s mostly yummy with a chance of flakes

2) 69 and feelin’ fine!

3) Dr. Banigan’s Morning Prescription

4) Cereale delle Bacche Fantasiche

5) I miss amy! (via, our intern amy’s, mom out in San Diego)

check out past winners

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those who have signed up for our newsletter got a sneak peek of the Top 5 this week.  if you missed out, you can sign up for our newsletter anytime in the top right corner of our homepage. we promise to keep it chock-full of interesting tid-bits and to-dos!  Now, the top 5:

1) Amanda’s Monster Mash Yum Yum Eat Me Yum Yum Yum!

2) This Cereal’s Made for Walking (i took this as a play on the Jessica Simpson song, “These Boots Are Made for Walking.”

3) eat this today and it will be sunny

4) The Breakfast of ChampiMoms

5) Razzing My Goji

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truth be told: not blown away by the overall creativity this week. i guess it is the middle of summer and people are just busy reFlaxing on the beach!

…see how easy it is ;O)

here we go:

1. The Right Side of Bed
2. Bowled Over at 49
3. Cat’s Pre-Wedding Health Mix
4. Sunflower Flakes
5. Fun Lovin’ Cereal

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As always, these are our creative customers! Comment on your favorite?

1) Soy you wanna eat breakfast with me…?
2) 8 hearty grams of protein
3) Lisa’s Summer Sizzle…Thanks for keeping me moving and healthy!
4) Fiberlicious
5) Razzleberry Krackel Flakes

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