Spring Things

March 29, 2011

Guess what is finally here?!

Well, yes, spring, but more importantly…our annual Spring Mix. Presenting: Spring Things!

Celebrate spring with sunny corn flakes, goldenraisins, wild blueberries and sunflower seeds. Besides being light and naturally delicious, this recipe will boost your energy levels so you can knock out that yard work (or any other spring things) before lunch.
Try our new spring mix today and let our cereal mixologists know what you think at contact@meandgoji.com.

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Top 5 Cereal Names

March 25, 2011

Best of the best this week, including shouts to the Adam Carolla show and our classic double rainbow friend!

1. Double Rainbow (Recipe ID: 262558)

2. Mandate, get it on  (Recipe ID: 261803)

3.  BUGS  (Recipe ID: 261504)

4.  Crafty Carmen’s Crossbone Capsule  (Recipe ID: 262085)

5.  Nuts for You  (Recipe ID: 262455)

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[curtain holder] & goji

August 24, 2010

not normally thought of as modern home design, our Cereal Capsule makes a lovely curtain holder…take that Martha Stewart!  special thanks to Abby for sending us her creative picture!

send us your pictures of your cereal capsules!  contact@meandgoji.com

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[jasmere] & goji

June 28, 2010

this week, [me] & goji partnered up with jasmere for a wonderful feature!  check out the review here.

special thanks to the jasmere staff and welcome new fan of the goji!

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cocoa almonds

March 28, 2010

it starts simply enough with an almond. but then the magic happens through a chocolate coating and a cocoa dust finishing.

words cannot do these little guys justice, they are irresistible. so much in fact that we had to request two samples because alexander ate the first package during a NCAA commercial break (he has since been put on sampling time out).

add some of these soul-satisfying, senses-scintillating, taste bud-teasing orgiastic feast for the mouth, include in your favorite cereal and prepare for breakfast bliss (and a little chocolate milk). start mixing!

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our recommendations

September 18, 2008

as heavily requested, we have added an our recommendations page.  the link is right on our homepage and clicking it will take you to amazing places where you can discover our favorites, sports mixes, and health mixes.

here is carl’s favorite mix:

this healthy cereal boasts prehistoric powers

this healthy cereal boasts prehistoric powers

we will be adding some cool and useful features to this area so check back soon, and most importantly, send us your favorite mix!
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