Top 5 Cereal Names

April 5, 2011

This week, Charlie Sheen takes second place to our good friend Addie, who claims the top spot with a picture of Alexander’s Dad…

1.  me and your dad. I better win a contest.  (Recipe ID: 26720)

2. winning.  (Recipe ID: 263134)

3. You’re So Cinnamoney, You Don’t Even Know How Cinnamoney You Are.  (Recipe ID: 262984)

4. The Foss Fabulous Fruittata  (Recipe ID: 263059)

5.  Protein Man! (Recipe ID: 263182)

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Spring Things

March 29, 2011

Guess what is finally here?!

Well, yes, spring, but more importantly…our annual Spring Mix. Presenting: Spring Things!

Celebrate spring with sunny corn flakes, goldenraisins, wild blueberries and sunflower seeds. Besides being light and naturally delicious, this recipe will boost your energy levels so you can knock out that yard work (or any other spring things) before lunch.
Try our new spring mix today and let our cereal mixologists know what you think at

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Top 5 Cereal Names

March 13, 2011

Our number 1 must have read the NY Time Article. Best of the best this week…

1. Eat Muesli! Not Cardboard!  (Recipe ID: 260146)

2. Kitchen Sink Granola Crunch (Recipe ID: 260143)

3.  Wheat Cacao Pow-Wow (Recipe ID: 260134)

4. Due Justice (Recipe ID: 260099)

5. Decadence Take Two (Recipe ID: 259607)

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According to Consumer Reports, “Many popular dietary supplements contain ingredients that may cause cancer, heart problems, liver or kidney damage, but U.S. stores sell them anyway and Americans spend millions on them.” (source: MSNBC)

Custom Cereal Me & Goji

The article goes on to say that less than a third of the 54,000 “Natural Supplements” out there have any level of safety and “effectiveness that is supported by scientific evidence” …!!!

Apparently, the FDA has little power in regulating these supplements. This adds fuel to the long-standing debate about whether taking vitamins and suplements is useful at all. Certain studies show some vitamins actually increase the risk of cancer and disease.

What should you do?

Ideally, you should be getting your vitamin and nutrient intake from whole foods, straight from nature, not scientists. More and more research is pointing toward the benefits of eating a high-nutrient whole food diet. Bright colored fruits and vegetables tend to be the most nutrient-dense foods out there so keep it simple. The good news is, these foods are also some of the tastiest on earth!

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chances are you, or someone you know, has been diagnosed with an intolerance to gluten in the past few years. more and more people are discovering that health issues they have had for years are turning out to be related to gluten. currently, estimates are that 1-2% of the global population have Celiac disease, a sever intolerance to gluten.

whether it has directly affected your life or not, it is a growing issue in American food, so here is a few basic things it will be helpful to know if you don’t already:

-gluten is the combination of two proteins that exist in many grains, most notable wheat, barley, and rye.

-gluten, or gluten derivatives, are found in lots of common foods you eat every day: pasta, bread, most cereals, pizza, cookies, beer, soup, condiments

-often products that are gluten-free in nature are contaminated from being processed in facilities where wheat products are also made. this commonly occurs with Oats.

-an intolerance to gluten can form at any time in a person’s life. doctors are not sure the cause but believe it can be “awoken” by injuries, stress, pregnancy or other illness. it can range from a mild inflammation in the small intestine to severe Celiac disease.

fortunately, there are more and more gluten-free food option every day. unfortunately, “gluten-free” is often synonymous with “taste-free.” we, at [me] & goji, offer several gluten-free options that debunk that notion. for instance, our Flaxed and Flaked base is certified gluten-free and was tasty enough to be named Best Natural Cereal by Food & Wine magazine.

there was no gluten-free category.

check out our gluten-free offerings

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best of the best this week. loving #1…

1. corn in the usa, but raisin’ france

2. Candace is Currantly Berry Nuts

3. Currant-ly Delicious

4. Neat and Wheaty

5. Gayle Quit Eating Your Wife’s Breakfast

[jasmere] & goji

June 28, 2010

this week, [me] & goji partnered up with jasmere for a wonderful feature!  check out the review here.

special thanks to the jasmere staff and welcome new fan of the goji!

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experience life & goji

June 20, 2010

found in the short & sweet section of the july/august issue, experience life cites [me] & goji as one of their favorite healthy shortcuts and conveniences!

and why wouldn’t they, checkout the great picture of the Cereal Capsule we sent them! make your fun summer mix today!

special thanks to the experience life staff!

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men’s fitness & goji

June 16, 2010

while [me] & goji is known as a cereal company, men’s fitness was able to see beyond the flakes to our proverbial Cinderella, our delicious granola! this month’s MF pick, our granola combines some of your favorite ingredients baked to a delicious golden-brown, the perfect way to add some crunchy texture to your mix.

looking to indulge yourself or prefer your granola on the go? our choco granola comes in larger clumps with chocolate covered gojis and mulberries, yum!

and best of all, it’s all natural.  so make your own tasty granola today!

special thanks to the MF staff!

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fathers’ day & goji

June 10, 2010

father’s day is next Sunday, the 20th. that tip is free.

dad loves cereal. that tip will cost you anywhere from $4.99 to $15.00, but that is a small price to pay to remind The Big Guy every morning how much he means to your family.

but enough about Dad. we know everyone, especially mom, loves bargains. just enter coupon code PAPAGOJI for 10% off your whole order. offer expires 6/21/10.

we also offer electronic gift certificates that you can order up to the day before Father’s Day and receive them in time. check out gift certificates here or design a mix for Dad here.

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