Top 5 Cereal Names

April 27, 2011

A clever twist on Easter claims the top!  Best of the best last week…

1. Hippety Hoppity Bippety Bobbity Easter Bunny Bites  (Recipe ID: 266790)

2. Good for your heart.  Just like your dinosaur (Recipe ID: 266997)

3. *gigitty* (Recipe ID 266863)

4.  Breakfast Besos (Recipe ID: 267241)

5.  Tom & Alie.  Eat your cereal, then start your day!  (Recipe ID: 267061)


Top 5 Cereal Names

April 5, 2011

This week, Charlie Sheen takes second place to our good friend Addie, who claims the top spot with a picture of Alexander’s Dad…

1.  me and your dad. I better win a contest.  (Recipe ID: 26720)

2. winning.  (Recipe ID: 263134)

3. You’re So Cinnamoney, You Don’t Even Know How Cinnamoney You Are.  (Recipe ID: 262984)

4. The Foss Fabulous Fruittata  (Recipe ID: 263059)

5.  Protein Man! (Recipe ID: 263182)

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Top 5 Cereal Names

March 25, 2011

Best of the best this week, including shouts to the Adam Carolla show and our classic double rainbow friend!

1. Double Rainbow (Recipe ID: 262558)

2. Mandate, get it on  (Recipe ID: 261803)

3.  BUGS  (Recipe ID: 261504)

4.  Crafty Carmen’s Crossbone Capsule  (Recipe ID: 262085)

5.  Nuts for You  (Recipe ID: 262455)

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Top 5 Cereal Names

December 17, 2010

Best of the best this week…

(and some wise words from our top spot!)

1. read this instead of the kashi box (Recipe ID: 236782)

2. Nuts enough like i am, don’t need any in my cereal!   (Recipe ID: 236577)

3. Monsieur Fuzzy Pants Cereal  (Recipe ID: 236900)

4. LizAS ILLL MIX YO  (Recipe ID: 236948)

5. Boo Boo’s Bloobury Granola  (Recipe ID: 236895)

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Here we go! bet you can’t guess which two names came from the same order…i guess sometimes creativity comes in pairs…

1) Big Phil’s Midday-Work-Truck-Snack Extravaganza
2) Momma’s fancy schmancy “Hands off, Phil, you wouldn’t like this anyway” Mix
3) Bobo’s Better Than the Average Cereal!
4) Hitting My Stride
5) david “yikes I’m 40!” yamaguchi’s mix

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As always, these are our creative customers! Comment on your favorite?

1) Soy you wanna eat breakfast with me…?
2) 8 hearty grams of protein
3) Lisa’s Summer Sizzle…Thanks for keeping me moving and healthy!
4) Fiberlicious
5) Razzleberry Krackel Flakes

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sorry for missing last week but it just meant we had more names to choose from! strange thing this week: we saw an increase in names–how should we put it–unfit for all audiences…must be the warmer weather!

here we go…

1) i made this cereal at work instead of actually working
2) edgy veggie fuel
3) I live in a warm place and eat yummy cereal
4) Triple G – goji, gluten-free goodness
5) Julia’s Private Stock

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#1 this week might be our favorite of all time!

1) it’s a luau in my mouth and every flake, fruit, and nut is invited!

2) Does This Cereal Make Me a Hippie?

3) Fruity, Gluty-free Flakes

4) Hottest Goji on Campus

5) Vanessa’s In Love  (EEEK!)

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Week Before That

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here are the Top 5 Cereal Names from last week.  our customers are so clever they could be copywriters on the show Mad Men!  Leave a comment and tell us your favorite!

1) So Long Cholesterol

2) love from 9,620.20 miles away

3) superman dat “O”

4) Annie’s Tranquil Parent Mix

5) Tastes Like Home

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top 5 cereal names 2/16-2/22

February 24, 2009

definitely seen a boost in creativity since we started the Top 5!  real customers, real names.

1) Man Cannot Live by Toasted Bread Alone

2) back of my station wagon blend

3) Funky Monkey Sans Gluten


5) EZ 2 B A cereal killer

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