Recipes for Mommies

December 2, 2010

me & goji partnered up with NYC mama nutritionist & registered dietitian, Jodi Greebal to bring you a new line of cereals in our recipes section. Our second creation, Mommy Munchies, is for nursing moms.

Here is what Jodi had to say about this mix:
“Many nursing moms are extremely hungry and crave something sweet. Our cereal creation provides complex carbs, fiber and protein to fill up the new mom. It also helps kick that sweet tooth while providing the nutrients she (and her baby) needs most.”

If you’re a mom in the NYC area, check out Jodi’s great company, Dindins.

Make your mix today!

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Recipes for the Mommies

November 23, 2010

me & goji partnered up with NYC mama nutritionist & registered dietitian, Jodi Greebal to bring you a new line of cereals in our recipes section. The first one we are featuring is Mama Cereal.


Here is what Jodi had to say about her creation:
“During pregnancy, expectant moms really need double the nutrition, not double the calories. Our MAMACEREAL creation, helps an expectant mom get so many different nutrients she needs, especially some of the most important ones like folate, calcium, iron, fiber, choline, omega-3 fats and protein.”

Try some today!

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new function icons

November 16, 2010

new function icons help you create a mix that fits your lifestyle!  just click INFO next to any ingredient for detailed descriptions, nutrition info and health benefits.
Ever wonder what makes an apple so healthy? Well now you can know its chock-full of antioxidants, fiber and natural energy without looking up words like “quercetin” and “flavonoid.”

We’ve added new colorful function icons as well as individual nutrition information to each of our 60+ ingredients so it is easier than ever to design a cereal that meets your specific nutritional needs.

check it out!

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chocolate & goji

September 14, 2010

you’ve waited all summer to get your chocolate fixing back into your cereal bowl. and now that temperatures have finally cooled off, your wait is over.

me & goji is happy to report that chocolate items are now back on the website!  so whether you like a touch of bitterness from the cacao nibs or a chocolate feast from choco gojis, cranberries and peanuts, we got you covered (we always order double the amount cocoa almonds whenever alexander is around)!

start adding some tasty treats to your mix today!

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new look, same goji

January 25, 2010

after lots of planning and the ruining of josh’s weekends, we are proud to present our new mixing section. all your comments and suggestions inspired us to make it cleaner and easier to use. thank you for all your help, we hope you enjoy!

we will be making improvements over the coming weeks. we would love to hear what you think about our new mixing section compared to the old one and if you have any new suggestions! check it out!

one of the most frequent pieces of feedback we receive goes something like this: “there are so many choices, i don’t know what to pick!”

while we believe a big part of our website’s appeal is the (literally) BILLIONS of possible combinations, we do realize this abundance of choice can be quite intimidating.  so our solution (drum roll, por favor): THE CEREAL STORE

Picture 8

we revamped our recommendations pages with 15 tried, tested and tasty cereal & granola mixes of the healthiest foods on earth.  for each mix, we highlight the nutritional info, the core benefits, a brief description, one or two testimonials from the testing process, and even a few extra ingredients that go well with this mix if you feel like spicing it up!

we plan to add more mixes along the way (psst: [me] & goji kids coming soon!), so continue to send us your suggestions, and if you try one of The Cereal Store mixes, please give it an honest review!

so check out our new cereal store and send your taste buds on a adventure for some Plum Island Pirate’s Booty, grab some cereally INVIGORATING energy, or take in a San Marino Sunrise.

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…so long as your questions pertain to [me] & goji.  we are pleased to announce we have added a frequently asked questions (faq) page to our website.  after 4 months of wonderful feedback, we compiled a list of the most asked about topics and answered all of them on a simple web page.

cosmic questions like: what is the shelf life of my cereal?  what if i don’t like my mix?  is carl single? have been assessed and answered.  but because we are in the answer-giving mood, we’ll tell you now: 3 months, send it back free of charge and yes.

we hope the faq page will allow carl to spend less time answering [me] & goji emails, and more time answering emails! just because we have an faq page, does not mean we aren’t interested in hearing what you have to say. reach out to us anytime with questions or comments at!


save on shipping by ordering 2 or more mixes: each additional mix is only $1.90 (in the U.S. only). regular USPS rates still apply for the first mix. estimate shipping for 1st mix here.


“O Canada! Our home and native land!”

beauty of a tune, eh?

when starting [me] & goji, we considered shipping to our friendly neighbors to the north. unfortunately, pricey international shipping rates and alexander’s obsession with the Detroit Red Wings prevented it.  but after several inquires from Canucks and hours convincing alexander that Pittsburgh is the real threat, we are proud to announce that we ship to Canada!

shipping is determined by USPS rates.

canadians everywhere can now log onto our website and design their own cereal! we suggest enjoying it in the morning with a double double.

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hot off the [me] & goji press

Headlines don’t sell papes. Newsies sell papes.” – Jack Kelly, Newsies, 1992

extra, extra, eat all about it! [me] & goji is proud to announce that we have updated our press page. more important than the page itself, is all the wonderful feedback we’ve gotten from the media. while it is reassuring to have our mothers tell us how great a job we are doing, it is always nice to hear others say it.

a special thanks to all the writers who helped out the little guy by featuring [me] & goji in their publications. a sincere apology goes out to Jack Kelly, aka Christian Bale. lucky for him, the Batman franchise has picked up again, or else he would be out of a job!

check out our slick new page and read the reviews for yourself: