April 20, 2011

“88 billion plastic bottles in the ocean. 1 billion people without clean water. 1 purchase to make a difference.”– S’well

It’s not often we promote other companies on our blog (we are vain), but this is definitely worth checking out!

The vision of S’well is simple, provide the people of the world access to clean drinking water, one S’well bottle at a time. S’well donates 10% of net sales to WaterAide to support programs that improve access to safe water, hygiene and sanitation in the world’s poorest communities.  Furthermore, by using the S’well bottle, you can cut down on your carbon footprint as well, eliminating all the plastic bottles you consume throughout the day (talking to you daily commuters!).

But enough about their vision, lets talk about their product. It’s great. It keeps cold beverages cold and hot drinks hot, and because it is made of steel, it is Adam (read: accident) proof. And finally, the sleek design makes it portable and much cooler than a Nalgene bottle dangling from your bag.

Check them out here!

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for the last two years, [me] & goji has partnered with American Forests on Earth Day for our 1- cereal 1-tree campaign. it has been a great success. we have received tremendous feedback from you so we thought we would give you a brief update on the specific project that the [me] & goji fam (that’s you!) has aided: American Forests’ Wildfire ReLeaf program. Thank you to everyone who supported the campaign this year!

From the American Forests website: AMERICAN FORESTS’ Wildfire ReLeaf program is a large-scale tree planting initiative started in 1999 to plant millions of trees in areas scorched by catastrophic wildfires. The dramatic wildfires in southern California in the fall of 2007 have created tremendous additional need for reforestation. With the increase in size and intensity of wildfires comes a more urgent need to rehabilitate damaged areas to prevent further degradation of forest ecosystems.

Drought conditions in many states, including California, and the effects of decades of fire suppression have given rise to hundreds of fires in the United States. AMERICAN FORESTS designated a fund specifically to restore California forests after receiving an outpouring of questions and requests from California residents and people across the United States.

AMERICAN FORESTS has set a goal of planting a million trees in the state.

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celebrate earth day

April 21, 2010

for every cereal you create, we will plant a tree

in celebration of Earth Day, we will make a donation to American Forests to have one tree planted for every mix you order at [me] & goji today and all of tomorrow.

American Forests is a world leader in planting trees for environmental restoration, a pioneer in the science and practice of urban forestry, and a primary communicator of the benefits of trees and forests.

to recap: if you order 1 mix today or tomorrow, we’ll plant 1 tree. if you order 4 mixes, we’ll plant 4 trees. get all your friends and family to order and we’ll plant a forest!!

start mixing and we’ll start planting!

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green & goji

April 5, 2010

msn posted a helpful article about how living green starts at home.  from sticking to a recycling routine to simple light bulb switches can go a long way. click here to read more.

at [me] & goji, we do our part to live sustainably. thanks to our green tags, we were carbon negative last year!  so save a tree, eat a goji

learn about [me] & goji’s Green Tag initiative

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check out what peggy does with her capsule. she wraps it in wrapping paper, ads a sticker to the lid, stuffs in a little tissue then add the cookies! apparently her daughters just love receiving these tasty treats. now if only we could get peggy to send us some of those cookies…

show us what you do with your empty Cereal Capsule!  contact@meandgoji.com

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recently, Paul Krugman published a op-ed column, An Affordable Salvation, in the New York Times.  he writes in favor of a cap-and-trade system for emissions and national legislation requiring companies to reduce emissions slowly over time.  his message is simple.  (1) cap-and-trade will increase energy costs.  (2) the cost of living and doing business will increase.  (3) BUT NOT ENOUGH to prevent economic growth.  strong words from a Nobel prize winner in economics.

[me] & goji cereal windmill

these cap-and-trade systems will help alternative energy projects, like those [me]&goji supports through our green tag program and partnership with BEF, expand faster.

check out this cereal company’s take on Green Tags

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the Post Carbon Institute just published a new report, The Food and Farming Transition, outlining a new direction for farming in the United States.  the report predicts that as the price of petroleum, natural gas and fertilizer rises, conventional farming techniques and transportation routes will become economically unsustainable.  PCIs solutions include promoting alternative forms of energy production on farms, diversifying the types of crops grown on a single farm, and growing more staple crops locally.  by turning away from fossil fuels, farming becomes more economical and environmentally sustainable.

coverpage of The Food and Farming Transition

cover page for "The Food and Farming Transition"

while some aspects of PCIs new food economy are improbable (but no doubt desirable), the writers have a commendable grasp of the time scale and transition phases required to compel farmers to reduce their reliance on fuel and farming techniques which endanger the environment and contribute to global warming.

among their best suggestions are long term and structural solutions for developing alternative energy technology and encouraging organic framing practices – two projects [me]&goji works hard to support through our green tag program and loyalty to natural and organic cereal ingredients.

so take a look!  even if you disagree, the report is thought provoking and offers many practical solutions.
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make a mix, plant a tree

make a mix, plant a tree

1 cereal = 1 tree

in celebration of earth day, [me] & goji will make a donation to American Forests to have one tree planted for each Cereal Capsule ordered on Wednesday, April, 22.

American Forests is a world leader in planting trees for environmental restoration, a pioneer in the science and practice of urban forestry, and a primary communicator of the benefits of trees and forests.


the [me] & goji forest

if you order 1 mix, we’ll plant 1 tree. if you order 4 mixes, we’ll plant 4 trees. get your whole office to order, and we’ll plant a forest!

plant more trees: forward this along to your friends and family!

planting trees is as easy as eating a proper breakfast: start planting

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starting this week, our returning customers will notice that their sleek Cereal Capsules are slightly shorter than their predecessors. one inch shorter, to be exact.  don’t worry, we are still shipping the same ammount of cereal and granola (600g, 21+oz), but we have eliminated empty, wasted space.

cereal capsule size comparison

cereal capsule size comparison

why shorter Cereal Capsules?

-more sustainable: the  amount of materials used in the packaging and labels was decreased by 8.3%, meaning significantly less carbon dioxide emissions in the creation of the packaging.

-more functional: the main purpose of packaging is to protect the product. we discovered that the excess space created from cereal settling during shipping caused flakes to jostle around and crush easier.  the new size keeps cereal fresher and crunchier.

-more portable: the new size fits more comfortably in cabinets and is easier to take on trips, hikes, to school and in the car.  cereal on the go!

how much cereal does a Cereal Capsule hold compared to a regular cereal box?

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even if you don’t speak french, you hopefully speak environment.  this hand-drawn animation acts as a powerful voice against nuclear energy.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

with all the current discussion on alternative energies and decreasing our dependency on oil, one solution is increasing our nuclear energy production. while nuclear energy emits very little carbon dioxide into the environment during production, there are many disadvantages that should be discussed as often as the pros.

-nuclear waste must be carefully stored and monitored for thousands of years (yes, thousands)
-with increased terrorist activity, nuclear plants are a prime target
-they take 20+ years to build
-accidents happen

and, if you do speak french, learn more about the campaign

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