April 20, 2011

“88 billion plastic bottles in the ocean. 1 billion people without clean water. 1 purchase to make a difference.”– S’well

It’s not often we promote other companies on our blog (we are vain), but this is definitely worth checking out!

The vision of S’well is simple, provide the people of the world access to clean drinking water, one S’well bottle at a time. S’well donates 10% of net sales to WaterAide to support programs that improve access to safe water, hygiene and sanitation in the world’s poorest communities.  Furthermore, by using the S’well bottle, you can cut down on your carbon footprint as well, eliminating all the plastic bottles you consume throughout the day (talking to you daily commuters!).

But enough about their vision, lets talk about their product. It’s great. It keeps cold beverages cold and hot drinks hot, and because it is made of steel, it is Adam (read: accident) proof. And finally, the sleek design makes it portable and much cooler than a Nalgene bottle dangling from your bag.

Check them out here!

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attention Chicago gojians!

September 23, 2010

Check us on WGN today! Special thanks to Lindsay for getting us on the show!

Click here for the segment!

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Triathlete & goji

April 21, 2010

do you like to swim, bike and run?  chances are most of us like to swim, bike OR run. either way, you’ll need to prepare your body with the proper nutrients before and replenish your body after.

the wonderful people at Triathlete Magazine thought [me] & goji does just that! check out their May issue on newsstands now and order your Cereal Capsule today!

* we apologize for our poor cellphone picture taking ability, 😉

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oprah & goji

March 22, 2010

have you been to the magazine stand to check out the April issue of Oprah’s magazine O? well adam has, 153 times. it might have something to do with the fact that WE ARE IN IT!  if you are a regular reader of our blog, you’ll recognize the seriousness of the last statement, as we rarely resort to the capitalization of letters.

this month’s issue of O magazine features their new favorite foods on the web. check out slides of the article posted online.  special thanks to the editors at O magazine for choosing us! now if you’ll excuse me, i have to go find adam…

find out what O magazine is raving about and make your mix today!

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we love custom cereal from [me] & gojimusic to our ears!

our friends over at dietsinreview.com put [me] & goji to the test to see exactly what this custom cereal thing is all about.  see how we did…

on another note, they also made [me] & goji a late addition to their top cereals list
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the kind people at The Tranquil Parent wrote a great review of [me] & goji today.  if you have a busy family, this blog offers great practical advice for everything you can think of and especially the things you can’t.



lucy (and her lil one) from Glow Mama recently review [me] & goji.

“anything that can get our fussy toddler eating (not only eating but running to the cupboard and whining until he gets it) is a winner.”

thanks lucy!

Kids Know Stuff is a supercool concept from a supercool mom who decided she would stop guessing what her kids liked and start asking them!   recently, Maya–the most renowned and harshest food critic since anton ego from Ratatouille–reviewed the cereal she designed.

the result? maya is not impressed with the dark chocolate covered cranberries, but we were fortunate to get her stamp of approval in the end along with the cutest 10 seconds of video we’ve ever seen on the internet!  thanks maya and noah!