In case you haven’t been closely following the cereal industry (way more exciting then the Social Network), there were rumors circulating that Quaker Oats was going to discontinue their Captain Crunch Cereal line- possibly under pressure from the White House and obesity experts to make kids’ food healthier.

But, with over 100 million in annual sales, the Captain is here to stay.  A simple search of Captain Crunch will demonstrate all the “healthy” offerings the cereal has, “Cap’n Crunch is a great-tasting, crunchy sweetened corn and oat cereal your whole family will love. It’s an excellent source of seven essential vitamins and minerals, is low in fat, and contains zero grams of trans fat per serving.”

Sadly, it’s those kind of statements that give cereal a bad name.  Quaker Oats’ description of Cap’n Crunch conveniently omits information regarding sugar content, though sugar is the second ingredient listed on the box. One serving of Cap’n Crunch contains 110 calories and 12 g of sugar, which means that nearly half of the calories in Cap’n Crunch come from added sugar.

Certainly, Cap’n Crunch isn’t the only food brand guilty of exaggerating its “nutritional” value. A recent study found that 84% of kids’ foods that made front-of-package health claims didn’t even meet basic nutritional criteria. So it’s no surprise that the average American child currently gets 365 calories — or nearly one-third of total calories — from added sugar, even though the government recommends that it account for no more than 6% to 8% of children’s daily calories.

Need some healthier breakfast alternatives?  start mixing today!

For more info, check out Time article here.

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Having your own cereal is no easy task, just ask NFL star Chad Ochocinco of the Cincinnati Bengals. Ochocinco’s new cereal line, OchocincOs, had an incorrect phone number listed on the back of the box that linked callers to a phone sex line!

Hey Chad, if you want your own cereal, leave the creating to the pro’s.  We’d be happy to send you your very own Ocho-Uh-O mix, Recipe ID: 222821.We’ll let you choose your own photo…

Check out the news reports here.

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According to Consumer Reports, “Many popular dietary supplements contain ingredients that may cause cancer, heart problems, liver or kidney damage, but U.S. stores sell them anyway and Americans spend millions on them.” (source: MSNBC)

Custom Cereal Me & Goji

The article goes on to say that less than a third of the 54,000 “Natural Supplements” out there have any level of safety and “effectiveness that is supported by scientific evidence” …!!!

Apparently, the FDA has little power in regulating these supplements. This adds fuel to the long-standing debate about whether taking vitamins and suplements is useful at all. Certain studies show some vitamins actually increase the risk of cancer and disease.

What should you do?

Ideally, you should be getting your vitamin and nutrient intake from whole foods, straight from nature, not scientists. More and more research is pointing toward the benefits of eating a high-nutrient whole food diet. Bright colored fruits and vegetables tend to be the most nutrient-dense foods out there so keep it simple. The good news is, these foods are also some of the tastiest on earth!

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recently, Paul Krugman published a op-ed column, An Affordable Salvation, in the New York Times.  he writes in favor of a cap-and-trade system for emissions and national legislation requiring companies to reduce emissions slowly over time.  his message is simple.  (1) cap-and-trade will increase energy costs.  (2) the cost of living and doing business will increase.  (3) BUT NOT ENOUGH to prevent economic growth.  strong words from a Nobel prize winner in economics.

[me] & goji cereal windmill

these cap-and-trade systems will help alternative energy projects, like those [me]&goji supports through our green tag program and partnership with BEF, expand faster.

check out this cereal company’s take on Green Tags

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any cereal lover knows that fierce, impending urge for a bowl of cereal. hopefully, you have more restraint than this man when the craving strikes!

a man pulled over for erratic driving last week was discovered to have been eating a bowl of cereal as he drove.


“In the process of a routine inventory search of the car, officers noticed a bowl of milk and cereal sitting on the passenger seat. Schlittler said officers found the man’s impromptu meal was still cold, he said.”

“’The individual indicated he was hungry and was eating the cereal,” said Needham Police Lieutenant John Schlittler.'”

we at [me] & goji think the man was just trying to finish off his standard store-bought box before it went stale.  had his cereal came in one of our freshness-retaining Cereal Capsules, this whole mess could have been avoided!

read the article here

[via The Boston Globe]

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even if you don’t speak french, you hopefully speak environment.  this hand-drawn animation acts as a powerful voice against nuclear energy.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

with all the current discussion on alternative energies and decreasing our dependency on oil, one solution is increasing our nuclear energy production. while nuclear energy emits very little carbon dioxide into the environment during production, there are many disadvantages that should be discussed as often as the pros.

-nuclear waste must be carefully stored and monitored for thousands of years (yes, thousands)
-with increased terrorist activity, nuclear plants are a prime target
-they take 20+ years to build
-accidents happen

and, if you do speak french, learn more about the campaign

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building green and killing birds… had an interesting article this morning about a contradicting after-effect of building “green.”

read the article here.

“An estimated 5 percent of the country’s bird population – or about a billion birds – die each year by crashing into buildings they cannot see”

“Last year, the US Postal Service spent more than $200,000 on such a film to reduce bird kills on a Manhattan building after a local Audubon volunteer corps counted more than 330 dead birds near it during a 2 1/2-month period.”

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