me & goji is featured in Urban Lux Magazine’s December / January publication.  Based in Atlanta, ULM’s mission is to celebrate socially aware urbanites as they highlight individual careers, successes, challenges and contributions to our society.  Thanks for spreading the goji love around holiday season!

The magazine can be found online here: Urban Lux Magazine

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For a small custom cereal company out of New Hampshire, the holidays are usually our busiest season of the year. This year just got a whole lot busier, as we were just ranked #25 on Guidewire Group’s Innovate!100 list of outstanding and fast-moving startup companies from around the world.

The Innovate!100 List was developed after more than 30 Pitch Slam events on five continents over the past 10 months. Placement on the list was determined by a combination of several factors including: overall concept, market opportunity, competitive risk, product development, business development, team, and stage and pace of growth.

After submitting our business plan, we were invited to the Innovate!100 Pitch Slam in Los Angeles on November 16th for the semi-finals. It was one of 30 semi-final pitch slams worldwide where the remaining companies delivered a five-minute pitch in front of an audience and panel of expert judges… and we got first place!

With so much up-and-coming talent right now in the tech sector, to be recognized among the top startups in world is an incredible feeling and an honor for us.

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attention Chicago gojians!

September 23, 2010

Check us on WGN today! Special thanks to Lindsay for getting us on the show!

Click here for the segment!

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[jasmere] & goji

June 28, 2010

this week, [me] & goji partnered up with jasmere for a wonderful feature!  check out the review here.

special thanks to the jasmere staff and welcome new fan of the goji!

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experience life & goji

June 20, 2010

found in the short & sweet section of the july/august issue, experience life cites [me] & goji as one of their favorite healthy shortcuts and conveniences!

and why wouldn’t they, checkout the great picture of the Cereal Capsule we sent them! make your fun summer mix today!

special thanks to the experience life staff!

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men’s fitness & goji

June 16, 2010

while [me] & goji is known as a cereal company, men’s fitness was able to see beyond the flakes to our proverbial Cinderella, our delicious granola! this month’s MF pick, our granola combines some of your favorite ingredients baked to a delicious golden-brown, the perfect way to add some crunchy texture to your mix.

looking to indulge yourself or prefer your granola on the go? our choco granola comes in larger clumps with chocolate covered gojis and mulberries, yum!

and best of all, it’s all natural.  so make your own tasty granola today!

special thanks to the MF staff!

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Triathlete & goji

April 21, 2010

do you like to swim, bike and run?  chances are most of us like to swim, bike OR run. either way, you’ll need to prepare your body with the proper nutrients before and replenish your body after.

the wonderful people at Triathlete Magazine thought [me] & goji does just that! check out their May issue on newsstands now and order your Cereal Capsule today!

* we apologize for our poor cellphone picture taking ability, 😉

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oprah & goji

March 22, 2010

have you been to the magazine stand to check out the April issue of Oprah’s magazine O? well adam has, 153 times. it might have something to do with the fact that WE ARE IN IT!  if you are a regular reader of our blog, you’ll recognize the seriousness of the last statement, as we rarely resort to the capitalization of letters.

this month’s issue of O magazine features their new favorite foods on the web. check out slides of the article posted online.  special thanks to the editors at O magazine for choosing us! now if you’ll excuse me, i have to go find adam…

find out what O magazine is raving about and make your mix today!

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What do celebrities, sitcoms and cereal have in common? All three were amply represented at The 67th Annual Golden Globe Awards this week in LA. [me] & goji was invited to the notorious Nathalie Dubois DPA Golden Globe gifting suite as a featured product where 300 of the industry’s biggest names crunched and munched on custom creations.

this year, everyone took something home for their mantel

The DPA gifting lounge offered celebrities, nominees, and presenters the newest and hottest products from Marchon couture gowns to [me] & goji couture cereal.

For the event, we designed five custom mixes highlighting “Trailblazing Moments” in film and television. Red carpet recipes included: The Gojifather (honoring The Godfather), Boys Don’t Rye (honoring Hillary Swank’s role in Boys Don’t Cry), Guess Who’s Coming to Breakfast? (honoring Sidney Poitier), and Berry Funny (honoring cereal connoisseur, Seinfeld).

Which is your favorite?

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boston globe & goji

January 6, 2010

if you’re a new england native you know that wednesdays can mean only one thing in the boston globe- food section!  that is why [me] & goji is pleased to receive some local love on a global (no pun intended) scale. check out the feature here!

and for the Highlights nostalgics, the first person to post the number of cereal capsules in the picture will receive a 15% off coupon on their next order!  happy counting…