Top 5 Cereal Names

April 27, 2011

A clever twist on Easter claims the top!  Best of the best last week…

1. Hippety Hoppity Bippety Bobbity Easter Bunny Bites  (Recipe ID: 266790)

2. Good for your heart.  Just like your dinosaur (Recipe ID: 266997)

3. *gigitty* (Recipe ID 266863)

4.  Breakfast Besos (Recipe ID: 267241)

5.  Tom & Alie.  Eat your cereal, then start your day!  (Recipe ID: 267061)


Top 5 Cereal Names

April 18, 2011

Claiming the top spot is Tash and her impossibly cool french bulldog Harlow. Best of the best last week…

1. Tashs Tasty Treat (Recipe ID: 265137)

2.  Better than a Donut  (Recipe ID: 264819)

3.  funny cereal  (Recipe ID: 265024)

4. Fruit Looped  (Recipe ID: 264893)

5.  John’s Latest Hot Meal 04/06/2011  (Recipe ID: 264500)

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Top 5 Cereal Names

April 11, 2011

Best of the best this week includes a shout out to simon and garfunkel, as well as the witch doctor …

1. Me and goji down by the schoolyard (Recipe ID: 263998)

2. Goji Goji O  (Recipe ID: 229393)

3. A whole lot of stuff  (Recipe 264659)

4. Conrad’s Next Experiment (Recipe ID: 264150)

5. Grab an Umbrella  (Recipe ID: 264204)

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Top 5 Cereal Names

April 5, 2011

This week, Charlie Sheen takes second place to our good friend Addie, who claims the top spot with a picture of Alexander’s Dad…

1.  me and your dad. I better win a contest.  (Recipe ID: 26720)

2. winning.  (Recipe ID: 263134)

3. You’re So Cinnamoney, You Don’t Even Know How Cinnamoney You Are.  (Recipe ID: 262984)

4. The Foss Fabulous Fruittata  (Recipe ID: 263059)

5.  Protein Man! (Recipe ID: 263182)

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Spring Things

March 29, 2011

Guess what is finally here?!

Well, yes, spring, but more importantly…our annual Spring Mix. Presenting: Spring Things!

Celebrate spring with sunny corn flakes, goldenraisins, wild blueberries and sunflower seeds. Besides being light and naturally delicious, this recipe will boost your energy levels so you can knock out that yard work (or any other spring things) before lunch.
Try our new spring mix today and let our cereal mixologists know what you think at

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Top 5 Cereal Names

March 25, 2011

Best of the best this week, including shouts to the Adam Carolla show and our classic double rainbow friend!

1. Double Rainbow (Recipe ID: 262558)

2. Mandate, get it on  (Recipe ID: 261803)

3.  BUGS  (Recipe ID: 261504)

4.  Crafty Carmen’s Crossbone Capsule  (Recipe ID: 262085)

5.  Nuts for You  (Recipe ID: 262455)

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goji recipe!

March 23, 2011

Here is a simple way to turn our muesli base or goji oats into a warm, granola treat.

1.  Take a large 10-12″ saucepan

2.  Melt 2T butter, add 2T brown sugar stir til melted

3.  Take off the heat and add 2T maple syrup stirring completely

4.  Gradually add me & goji contents, stirring completely til lightly coated

5.  Place in a single layer on a baking sheet

6.  Bake 350 degrees til lightly toasted (4-8 min)

7.  Stirring once half way through cool completely and place back in tin.

8.  Enjoy!

Special thanks to a wonderful customer who sent in this recipe.  Be sure to send us your recipes!

Top 5 Cereal Names

March 21, 2011

Best of the best this week…

1.  Is your name Alexis? No? Please step away from the capsule!  (Recipe ID: 260662)

2.  Whoa Protein + Dinosaurs (Recipe ID: 261117)

3.  Squirrel Snacks  (Recipe ID: 261010)

4.  BUBBA’S BOUNTY (Recipe ID: 260770)

5.  Grandma’s First Try Granola (Recipe ID: 240381)

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Top 5 Cereal Names

March 13, 2011

Our number 1 must have read the NY Time Article. Best of the best this week…

1. Eat Muesli! Not Cardboard!  (Recipe ID: 260146)

2. Kitchen Sink Granola Crunch (Recipe ID: 260143)

3.  Wheat Cacao Pow-Wow (Recipe ID: 260134)

4. Due Justice (Recipe ID: 260099)

5. Decadence Take Two (Recipe ID: 259607)

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Top 5 Cereal Names

March 8, 2011

with shout outs to both the Romans and Black Rob, our customers brought out their thinking caps to start the month of march…

1.  FLAKED like whoa  (Recipe ID: 258632)

2.  Long Day Ahead (Recipe ID: 258585)

3. Tree huggers dream (Recipe IDL 258580)

4.  Wait…I thought I didn’t like cereal?!?  (Recipe ID: 259372)

5.  Et tu, Brute?  (Recipe ID: 259269)

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