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August 24, 2010

not normally thought of as modern home design, our Cereal Capsule makes a lovely curtain holder…take that Martha Stewart!  special thanks to Abby for sending us her creative picture!

send us your pictures of your cereal capsules!  contact@meandgoji.com

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Cereal Capsule winner

April 11, 2009

as the trees start to bud so do our customers’ creativity…

we would like to announce the winner of our Cereal Capsule contest: Lynn Sperl for her chic zebra-print kitchen utensil holder! fashion meets function!

congratulations Lynn, the next mix you design is on us!

have you reused your Cereal Capsule in a unique way?  send your pics to  contact@meandgoji.com and you could win a free mix if we post your pic!

zebra-style cereal capsule

zebra-style cereal capsule

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Muffy from Dover, NH sent us this pic of the festive centerpiece she made with her empty Cereal Capsule. So beautiful and unique! The next cereal Muffy designs will be free!


We give away a free Cereal Capsule every month so get creative and send us your pics!

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