April 20, 2011

“88 billion plastic bottles in the ocean. 1 billion people without clean water. 1 purchase to make a difference.”– S’well

It’s not often we promote other companies on our blog (we are vain), but this is definitely worth checking out!

The vision of S’well is simple, provide the people of the world access to clean drinking water, one S’well bottle at a time. S’well donates 10% of net sales to WaterAide to support programs that improve access to safe water, hygiene and sanitation in the world’s poorest communities.  Furthermore, by using the S’well bottle, you can cut down on your carbon footprint as well, eliminating all the plastic bottles you consume throughout the day (talking to you daily commuters!).

But enough about their vision, lets talk about their product. It’s great. It keeps cold beverages cold and hot drinks hot, and because it is made of steel, it is Adam (read: accident) proof. And finally, the sleek design makes it portable and much cooler than a Nalgene bottle dangling from your bag.

Check them out here!

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If you’re like most of us, early New Year promises of eating healthy and staying active tend to fade around week 3 of January (we know, its too cold to go to the gym and the Oprah Winfrey Network just launched).  But there are some simple ways you can keep healthy all through 2011, in no particular order:

1. Develop a routine and stick with it- something as simple as eating breakfast every morning (helloooooo Cereal Club!) can put you in a healthy state of mind all day.

2. Drink plenty of water-  can’t stress this enough.  8 glasses a day is the equivalent of 8 minute abs (just not enough).  Carry a bottle with you to make things easier on yourself.

3.  Socialize!  Learn a new hobby, volunteer, get out there and be active!  It’s easy to curl up on the couch during this time of year, so at the very leastinvite some friends to partake.

4.  Spring time.  Ah yes, the threat of warm weather as the ultimate motivator.  Get a jump a spring and summer by keeping healthy over winter.

We hope this advice helps you keep you healthy and sticking to your plan over the next few months.

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Triathlete & goji

April 21, 2010

do you like to swim, bike and run?  chances are most of us like to swim, bike OR run. either way, you’ll need to prepare your body with the proper nutrients before and replenish your body after.

the wonderful people at Triathlete Magazine thought [me] & goji does just that! check out their May issue on newsstands now and order your Cereal Capsule today!

* we apologize for our poor cellphone picture taking ability, 😉

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unless you are Micha from Detroit Flyhouse, then you have our permission!  with all this rain in the West Coast, snow in the East Coast and frigid temperatures in the Midwest, it’s no wonder everyone begins to feel a little gloomy this time of year.

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so for the 99% of us who can’t touch our toes, [me] & goji has the just the thing waiting in our cereal store:  hot cereal!  this mix was designed by hot cereal aficionado–adam–who credits his knowledge of hot cereal for getting him through the tough New England winters he experienced growing up on a X-Mas tree farm.

once you taste the flavor-bursting goldenberries & naturally sweet apple, you will be off regular oatmeal forever!  so go ahead, warm your winters!


and row they did! special thanks thanks to our rock star customer, shown above, for providing us photo’s from her rowing clinic last weekend.  check her out- balancing her vessel in one hand and our Cereal Capsule in the other.

after her clinic, gay brought over her [me] & goji mix to share with her friends Mark Wilson and Jim Deitz of All American Rowing Camp. and judging from the pictures below, the Olympian and NCAA champ enjoyed every bit!


be sure to keep us in mind for your next event or if you just want to have a fun cereal day at the office!

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[jake] & goji

[me] & goji would like to congratulate jake herbert on finishing his amazing collegiate wrestling career with his second national championship and being awarded the Dan Hodge Trophy, given to the most outstanding collegiate wrestler of the year.

jake attended northwestern university and became close friends with alexander and adam through the sports program. when asked to sample our cereal, jake was instantly hooked!

“[me] & goji is the perfect product for serious athletes. especially for wrestlers who need to monitor what we put into our bodies. the nutritional counter lets me know how many calories i’m having per seving, and it keeps me full when i’m trying to make weight!”

thanks jake for the kind words! for more information on jake and to keep up with his quest for world wrestling domination, check out his website!