you, healthier.

[me] & goji is a custom artisanal cereal company started by two friends: adam & alexander. just as we think differently about cereal, we think differently about business, about the environment, and about health.

we created this blog to discuss food, health, and the environment, as well as share some of our journey in starting a business.

sinCerealy yours,

adam & alexander


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  1. Stella said

    Hi there, my name is Stella and I’m actively involved in various environmental projects – mainly small scale community ones. I recently decided to start “Plant a Tree” events in the UK, and seeing as it’s completely non-profit and based on volunteering I was scanning the net for some unlicensed images to use as a representative logo. However, I came across your me-goji-cereal-plant-trees.jpg and thought that the tree in it was very appropriate. Of course I wouldn’t be selecting this if I didn’t think you were also involved in the environmental sector.
    I wanted to ask if it’s possible for me to use this tree for our “Plant a Tree” events?

    Thank you,

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