Top 5 Cereal Names

April 27, 2011

A clever twist on Easter claims the top!  Best of the best last week…

1. Hippety Hoppity Bippety Bobbity Easter Bunny Bites  (Recipe ID: 266790)

2. Good for your heart.  Just like your dinosaur (Recipe ID: 266997)

3. *gigitty* (Recipe ID 266863)

4.  Breakfast Besos (Recipe ID: 267241)

5.  Tom & Alie.  Eat your cereal, then start your day!  (Recipe ID: 267061)



April 20, 2011

“88 billion plastic bottles in the ocean. 1 billion people without clean water. 1 purchase to make a difference.”– S’well

It’s not often we promote other companies on our blog (we are vain), but this is definitely worth checking out!

The vision of S’well is simple, provide the people of the world access to clean drinking water, one S’well bottle at a time. S’well donates 10% of net sales to WaterAide to support programs that improve access to safe water, hygiene and sanitation in the world’s poorest communities.  Furthermore, by using the S’well bottle, you can cut down on your carbon footprint as well, eliminating all the plastic bottles you consume throughout the day (talking to you daily commuters!).

But enough about their vision, lets talk about their product. It’s great. It keeps cold beverages cold and hot drinks hot, and because it is made of steel, it is Adam (read: accident) proof. And finally, the sleek design makes it portable and much cooler than a Nalgene bottle dangling from your bag.

Check them out here!

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Top 5 Cereal Names

April 18, 2011

Claiming the top spot is Tash and her impossibly cool french bulldog Harlow. Best of the best last week…

1. Tashs Tasty Treat (Recipe ID: 265137)

2.  Better than a Donut  (Recipe ID: 264819)

3.  funny cereal  (Recipe ID: 265024)

4. Fruit Looped  (Recipe ID: 264893)

5.  John’s Latest Hot Meal 04/06/2011  (Recipe ID: 264500)

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Top 5 Cereal Names

April 11, 2011

Best of the best this week includes a shout out to simon and garfunkel, as well as the witch doctor …

1. Me and goji down by the schoolyard (Recipe ID: 263998)

2. Goji Goji O  (Recipe ID: 229393)

3. A whole lot of stuff  (Recipe 264659)

4. Conrad’s Next Experiment (Recipe ID: 264150)

5. Grab an Umbrella  (Recipe ID: 264204)

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Top 5 Cereal Names

April 5, 2011

This week, Charlie Sheen takes second place to our good friend Addie, who claims the top spot with a picture of Alexander’s Dad…

1.  me and your dad. I better win a contest.  (Recipe ID: 26720)

2. winning.  (Recipe ID: 263134)

3. You’re So Cinnamoney, You Don’t Even Know How Cinnamoney You Are.  (Recipe ID: 262984)

4. The Foss Fabulous Fruittata  (Recipe ID: 263059)

5.  Protein Man! (Recipe ID: 263182)

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