me & goji selected as a top startup in the world

December 13, 2010

For a small custom cereal company out of New Hampshire, the holidays are usually our busiest season of the year. This year just got a whole lot busier, as we were just ranked #25 on Guidewire Group’s Innovate!100 list of outstanding and fast-moving startup companies from around the world.

The Innovate!100 List was developed after more than 30 Pitch Slam events on five continents over the past 10 months. Placement on the list was determined by a combination of several factors including: overall concept, market opportunity, competitive risk, product development, business development, team, and stage and pace of growth.

After submitting our business plan, we were invited to the Innovate!100 Pitch Slam in Los Angeles on November 16th for the semi-finals. It was one of 30 semi-final pitch slams worldwide where the remaining companies delivered a five-minute pitch in front of an audience and panel of expert judges… and we got first place!

With so much up-and-coming talent right now in the tech sector, to be recognized among the top startups in world is an incredible feeling and an honor for us.

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