Top 5 Cereal Names

November 29, 2010

best of the best this week…

1.  ET Morning Mojo For Girls on the Go  (Recipe ID: 230250)

2. Soul sister Porridge  (Recipe ID: 231318)

3.  Marc’s Box of Junk  (Recipe ID: 230177)

4.  Breakfast for da Bop Bop  (Recipe ID: 230977)

5.  I am Jenny, Hear me Raw-r.  (Recipe ID: 231529)

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Recipes for the Mommies

November 23, 2010

me & goji partnered up with NYC mama nutritionist & registered dietitian, Jodi Greebal to bring you a new line of cereals in our recipes section. The first one we are featuring is Mama Cereal.


Here is what Jodi had to say about her creation:
“During pregnancy, expectant moms really need double the nutrition, not double the calories. Our MAMACEREAL creation, helps an expectant mom get so many different nutrients she needs, especially some of the most important ones like folate, calcium, iron, fiber, choline, omega-3 fats and protein.”

Try some today!

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Top 5 Cereal Names

November 19, 2010

Best of the best this week…

1.The CPA’s Tax Season Survival (Recipe ID 175083)

2.Mark’s “Big Whoop” Stroke Service Snacks (Recipe ID 228258)

3. Trenton’s Terribly Terrific Trash (Recipe ID 228251)

4.Hot Lovin (Recipe ID 228444)

5. Simply Enough Cereal (Recipe ID 228677)

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new function icons

November 16, 2010

new function icons help you create a mix that fits your lifestyle!  just click INFO next to any ingredient for detailed descriptions, nutrition info and health benefits.
Ever wonder what makes an apple so healthy? Well now you can know its chock-full of antioxidants, fiber and natural energy without looking up words like “quercetin” and “flavonoid.”

We’ve added new colorful function icons as well as individual nutrition information to each of our 60+ ingredients so it is easier than ever to design a cereal that meets your specific nutritional needs.

check it out!

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best of the best this week:

1. Fiesta Delight, Day or Night (Recipe ID: 226368)

2. Voodoo Monkey Attack (Recipe ID: 227017)

3.OMGTHISISGOOD (Recipe ID: 226877)

4. Cereal Superior (Recipe ID: 165684)

5. Dragon Food (Recipe ID: 227133)


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best of the best this week…

1.  apple cores and chinese newspapers (Recipe ID: 225599)

2.  Chia Better Get Healthy (Recipe ID: 225413)

3.  Baby Builder (Recipe ID: 213966)

4. Shayna’s Cweettooth  (Recipe ID: 225610)

5. CHOCOLATE BLISS (Recipe ID: 225471)

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