Happy Halloween!

October 29, 2010

hot dog Otis & goji

me & goji would like to wish everyone a safe and fun Halloween! Be sure to send us your best costume pics for the blog!

Not sure if anyone can beat Otis this year…

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picture of the week: halloween is coming…

best of the best this week…

1.Uruguayan Heat (Recipe ID 224824)

2.I’m overweight and I can change… if i have to, i guess : )  (Recipe ID 224801)

3. Oatoberfest (Recipe ID 224329)


5. Accounting Brain Food (Recipe ID 224629)

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best of the best last week…

1. G.O.J.I. Friday (kanye shout out!)

2. This Will Put Hair on your Chest, Kid

3. Goji-Therapy

4. johnschewygooey

5. Good Morning Doodles

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What happens when cereal stops being sugary and starts being real?
It gains the attention of the hit reality show, The Real World, credited with launching the modern reality TV genre. The show, which brings 8 strangers together to live for six months, just started taping it’s 25th season set in Las Vegas and me & goji is bringing breakfast! We’ll be providing the cast with our artisanal cereal throughout production.

We thought it was a perfect fit. The residences in the The Real World are notorious for their edgy design and contemporary décor, and one of the main themes of the show is celebrating individuality, which pairs naturally with the concept of custom cereal and our values at me & goji.  The next season will air in 2011 so tune in and look for us (hopefully not being thrown through the air during a late night fight)!


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best of the best this week…

1. Raisin the Bar…Recipe ID: 222285

2. Damon is Lucky That I Share Mix…Recipe ID: 222723


4. Muddy Day…Recipe ID: 222504

5. Patriot Power…Recipe ID: 222322

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Having your own cereal is no easy task, just ask NFL star Chad Ochocinco of the Cincinnati Bengals. Ochocinco’s new cereal line, OchocincOs, had an incorrect phone number listed on the back of the box that linked callers to a phone sex line!

Hey Chad, if you want your own cereal, leave the creating to the pro’s.  We’d be happy to send you your very own Ocho-Uh-O mix, Recipe ID: 222821.We’ll let you choose your own photo…

Check out the news reports here.

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