Top 5 Cereal Names of the Week

September 28, 2010

picture of the week. i want one.

best of the best this week, some people get a little aggressive in the fall!

1. Christal’s Cereal. You eat, you die.

2. Rise and Shimaaaay!!!!

3. Dave, Don’t Touch It!

4. Walk of Shame

5. Blueberry Eyes

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attention Chicago gojians!

September 23, 2010

Check us on WGN today! Special thanks to Lindsay for getting us on the show!

Click here for the segment!

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chocolate & goji

September 14, 2010

you’ve waited all summer to get your chocolate fixing back into your cereal bowl. and now that temperatures have finally cooled off, your wait is over.

me & goji is happy to report that chocolate items are now back on the website!  so whether you like a touch of bitterness from the cacao nibs or a chocolate feast from choco gojis, cranberries and peanuts, we got you covered (we always order double the amount cocoa almonds whenever alexander is around)!

start adding some tasty treats to your mix today!

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happy Labor Day weekend!

September 4, 2010

we hope you have a fun and goji-filled labor day weekend!  i wonder what adam & alexander have in their picnic baskets….

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