Gluten: vaguely familiar but mysterious

July 30, 2010

chances are you, or someone you know, has been diagnosed with an intolerance to gluten in the past few years. more and more people are discovering that health issues they have had for years are turning out to be related to gluten. currently, estimates are that 1-2% of the global population have Celiac disease, a sever intolerance to gluten.

whether it has directly affected your life or not, it is a growing issue in American food, so here is a few basic things it will be helpful to know if you don’t already:

-gluten is the combination of two proteins that exist in many grains, most notable wheat, barley, and rye.

-gluten, or gluten derivatives, are found in lots of common foods you eat every day: pasta, bread, most cereals, pizza, cookies, beer, soup, condiments

-often products that are gluten-free in nature are contaminated from being processed in facilities where wheat products are also made. this commonly occurs with Oats.

-an intolerance to gluten can form at any time in a person’s life. doctors are not sure the cause but believe it can be “awoken” by injuries, stress, pregnancy or other illness. it can range from a mild inflammation in the small intestine to severe Celiac disease.

fortunately, there are more and more gluten-free food option every day. unfortunately, “gluten-free” is often synonymous with “taste-free.” we, at [me] & goji, offer several gluten-free options that debunk that notion. for instance, our Flaxed and Flaked base is certified gluten-free and was tasty enough to be named Best Natural Cereal by Food & Wine magazine.

there was no gluten-free category.

check out our gluten-free offerings

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