UPDATE: Earth Day – California Wildfire ReLeaf

July 20, 2010

for the last two years, [me] & goji has partnered with American Forests on Earth Day for our 1- cereal 1-tree campaign. it has been a great success. we have received tremendous feedback from you so we thought we would give you a brief update on the specific project that the [me] & goji fam (that’s you!) has aided: American Forests’ Wildfire ReLeaf program. Thank you to everyone who supported the campaign this year!

From the American Forests website: AMERICAN FORESTS’ Wildfire ReLeaf program is a large-scale tree planting initiative started in 1999 to plant millions of trees in areas scorched by catastrophic wildfires. The dramatic wildfires in southern California in the fall of 2007 have created tremendous additional need for reforestation. With the increase in size and intensity of wildfires comes a more urgent need to rehabilitate damaged areas to prevent further degradation of forest ecosystems.

Drought conditions in many states, including California, and the effects of decades of fire suppression have given rise to hundreds of fires in the United States. AMERICAN FORESTS designated a fund specifically to restore California forests after receiving an outpouring of questions and requests from California residents and people across the United States.

AMERICAN FORESTS has set a goal of planting a million trees in the state.

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