Top 5 Cereal Names of the Week (it’s baaaack!)

April 26, 2010

we are back with the Top 5 Cereal names of the week, where creativity always takes the crown. you can always check out the Top Mixes, including our favorite custom pictures in our Top Mixes Tab on our Facebook page.  Are you our fan?

1)  red, white, and blue-berryful crunch

2) Grown-Up Gluten-Free Goodness

3) Dr. Mommy’s Cereal (Max will probably eat some, too)

4) Wholesome Quadrangles

5) Elliptical Morsels

also a ton of “mom” themed names for the most important holiday of the year…mothers’ day! show your mom you care with a custom cereal blend that will remind her of your appreciation every morning!

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2 Responses to “Top 5 Cereal Names of the Week (it’s baaaack!)”

  1. Becka said

    As a fellow GF eater, I’m curious as to what was in the “Grown-Up Gluten Free Goodness”.

    Can you share?

  2. sure.

    Grown Up Gluten-Free Goodness consisted of:

    Flaxed and Flaked (base)
    sliced almonds

    If you would like to order this mix, just enter Recipe ID 191657 here:

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