we are back with the Top 5 Cereal names of the week, where creativity always takes the crown. you can always check out the Top Mixes, including our favorite custom pictures in our Top Mixes Tab on our Facebook page.  Are you our fan?

1)  red, white, and blue-berryful crunch

2) Grown-Up Gluten-Free Goodness

3) Dr. Mommy’s Cereal (Max will probably eat some, too)

4) Wholesome Quadrangles

5) Elliptical Morsels

also a ton of “mom” themed names for the most important holiday of the year…mothers’ day! show your mom you care with a custom cereal blend that will remind her of your appreciation every morning!

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celebrate earth day

April 21, 2010

for every cereal you create, we will plant a tree

in celebration of Earth Day, we will make a donation to American Forests to have one tree planted for every mix you order at [me] & goji today and all of tomorrow.

American Forests is a world leader in planting trees for environmental restoration, a pioneer in the science and practice of urban forestry, and a primary communicator of the benefits of trees and forests.

to recap: if you order 1 mix today or tomorrow, we’ll plant 1 tree. if you order 4 mixes, we’ll plant 4 trees. get all your friends and family to order and we’ll plant a forest!!

start mixing and we’ll start planting!

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Triathlete & goji

April 21, 2010

do you like to swim, bike and run?  chances are most of us like to swim, bike OR run. either way, you’ll need to prepare your body with the proper nutrients before and replenish your body after.

the wonderful people at Triathlete Magazine thought [me] & goji does just that! check out their May issue on newsstands now and order your Cereal Capsule today!

* we apologize for our poor cellphone picture taking ability, 😉

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whole almonds

April 18, 2010

because sometimes sliced just won’t do!  introducing almonds, in their entire glory.  containing big-time protein, fiber and essential monounsaturated fats, almonds are great for active people.

alexander likes adding these to his choco-granola.  add some to your mix and let us know which you like better!

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chia seeds and omega-3s

April 9, 2010

Omega-3 fatty acides have been widely studied since 2002, when the American Heart Association (AHA) linked the consumption of these healthful fats to a decreased risk for heart disease. But the health benefits don’t stop there!

Hundreds of scientific studies have found that omega-3s may help prevent not only heart disease, but also cancer (including advanced prostate cancer), theumatoid arthritis, Parkinson’s disease and depression.  And do you know what superfood contains more omega-3s than both fish oil and flax seeds?

You guessed it! Chia seeds. Add these soft little seeds to your mix today!

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green & goji

April 5, 2010

msn posted a helpful article about how living green starts at home.  from sticking to a recycling routine to simple light bulb switches can go a long way. click here to read more.

at [me] & goji, we do our part to live sustainably. thanks to our green tags, we were carbon negative last year!  so save a tree, eat a goji

learn about [me] & goji’s Green Tag initiative

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