win free cereal for a year!

March 11, 2010

love is contagious (5 minutes in a dog park with Alexander and you’ll know just what i mean).  which is why we want you guys to spread some goji love.

simply visit, enter the emails of people you think would enjoy our product and you’ll be entered to win either free [me] & goji cereal for one year or a $100 American Express giftcard.

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One Response to “win free cereal for a year!”

  1. Thursday AM I read about your product, Friday AM I ordered it, Saturday Am the FedEx man delivered it and by the time he left, I was in love with Goji.

    The container is so cool and the product amazing. I have referred so many people to your website and cannot stop talking about how great it is. There’s no way I can’t win the cereal for life with all the referrals by now! I eat it as a snack by hand, as cereal or even on top of my yogurt.

    I look forward to any promotions or new products you guys have in the works. Cheek out my website too since you are a dog lover. My two dogs like the cereal too and love to try to get the container from me to play with it. Dual purpose!

    Robin G. London

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