acai powder

February 21, 2010

açaí, pronounced “ah-sigh-EE”, is the latest South American superfood that comes from a species of palm trees native to the region. before its booming popularity in the states, it was mostly consumed as a protein-packed food by natives in the rain forests. due to the delicate nature of the fruit, it is mostly found in the U.S. as a dried powder or juice.

while there is a lack of reliable research on this newly popular food, we have been bombarded with customer requests to offer this mythical powder (we succumb easily to peer pressure). while [me] & goji supports no claims of [superhuman] health benefits beyond those that all fruits possess, popular claims include: rich in antioxidants, improved digestion, high in fiber and polyphenols.

add some açaí today and let us know what you think!

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One Response to “acai powder”

  1. Lee Drucker said

    I love acai

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