we are always interested to hear about new food customization companies and we recently stumbled upon a cool one, also from NH: Crispie Sweets Gourmet Treats. They make gourmet rice crispie treats.

obviously, we had to order some [me] & goji ones….

you can have any picture applied to you rice crispie treat on edible film. yumm!

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acai powder

February 21, 2010

açaí, pronounced “ah-sigh-EE”, is the latest South American superfood that comes from a species of palm trees native to the region. before its booming popularity in the states, it was mostly consumed as a protein-packed food by natives in the rain forests. due to the delicate nature of the fruit, it is mostly found in the U.S. as a dried powder or juice.

while there is a lack of reliable research on this newly popular food, we have been bombarded with customer requests to offer this mythical powder (we succumb easily to peer pressure). while [me] & goji supports no claims of [superhuman] health benefits beyond those that all fruits possess, popular claims include: rich in antioxidants, improved digestion, high in fiber and polyphenols.

add some açaí today and let us know what you think!

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happy valentine’s day

February 14, 2010

beyond the flowers, chocolate (-covered goji) hangovers, hallmark cards and sappy lifetime movies, [me] & goji would like to wish a safe and happy valentine’s day to all!

your mixtape is in the mail, 😉

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reuse your cereal capsule!

February 10, 2010

that’s exactly what [me] & goji customer Laura did with her Cereal Capsule. Lauren likes to cook up some of her own creations and store them in her collage-covered Capsule.

if you aren’t feeling compelled by creativity, we encourage you to recycle your Cereal Capsule.  simply follow these steps:

1. locate your Cereal Capsule

2. locate a recycling bin

3. place cereal capsule in recycling bin.*
*some towns do not yet accept plastic #4 (the lid), be sure to check. if your town doesn’t yet, use the lid as a coaster.

Thanks again to Lauren for sending us her picture. Be sure to share your picture with us and we’ll send a nice coupon your way ;O)

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unless you are Micha from Detroit Flyhouse, then you have our permission!  with all this rain in the West Coast, snow in the East Coast and frigid temperatures in the Midwest, it’s no wonder everyone begins to feel a little gloomy this time of year.

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so for the 99% of us who can’t touch our toes, [me] & goji has the just the thing waiting in our cereal store:  hot cereal!  this mix was designed by hot cereal aficionado–adam–who credits his knowledge of hot cereal for getting him through the tough New England winters he experienced growing up on a X-Mas tree farm.

once you taste the flavor-bursting goldenberries & naturally sweet apple, you will be off regular oatmeal forever!  so go ahead, warm your winters!