unusual ingredients

January 21, 2010

at [me] & goji, we are extremely proud of our customer service. by making it a point to personally answer each customer email, we’ve been able to improve our company and, every so often, have a little fun. the following is an example of two clever customers making an ingredient suggestion, followed by our response. enjoy!

From: XXXX
Date: January 13, 2010 8:27:30 AM EST
To: contact@meandgoji.com
Subject: cereal ingredient suggestion

ingredient name: Buffalo Chicken
comments: Buffalo chicken is the greatest thing around

From: ZZZZ
Date: January 13, 2010 8:28:16 AM EST
To: contact@meandgoji.com
Subject: cereal ingredient suggestion

ingredient name: Buffalo Chicken
comments: I can’t live without my fix of Buff Chicken

—–Original Message—–
From: Alexander Renzi
Date: Fri, 15 Jan 2010 13:55:09
Subject: Re: cereal ingredient suggestion

Dear XXX & ZZZ,

My apologies for addressing the two of you together, but as of late we have been receiving an overwhelming demand for chicken related ingredients in our cereal and, in an effort to reduce our digital footprint, have implemented an email grouping policy. While most of the chicken suggestions have been of the generic grilled and fried variety, the buffalo route certainly caught my eye and warranted further investigation.

All of our ingredients adhere to a rigorous testing procedure by our cereal mixologists before making the cut. Because chicken is a perishable good, it was of utmost importance to go directly to the source to find the freshest ingredients. So with bowls filled with our finest artisanal mix, I headed to the local KFC, ordered 5 buffalo buckets and beckoned others to join me in what was sure to be a glorious feast and a revolutionary moment in cereal history.

After 15 nauseous looks, 12 vulgar comments, 7 customer complaints and 2 popcorn chicken pieces to the face, I was asked to vacate the premises. It turns out America just isn’t ready for your revolutionary combination of chicken and cereal. I want you to know that the fight does not end here. There is still Chick-fil-A and several other high end buffalo chicken providers. As we are all about customizing to each individual’s needs, I will be sure to keep you updated in our search to make your dream our reality.

Thank you for your interest in [me] & goji. As a small company we are heavily reliant on customer feedback like yours to continuously improve. I’d like to extend a 10% off coupon for your next [me] & goji purchase, just enter DIRTYBIRD upon checkout. Feel free to reach out to me at this address with any feedback/questions.

sinCerealy yours,



while buffalo chicken didn’t make the cut, we love hearing about new ingredients suggestions, ways to improve our company and fun stories.  Keep those emails coming at contact@meandgoji.com!

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One Response to “unusual ingredients”

  1. lidoublez said

    Made my flippin’ day….love it!

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