Kellogg’s crazy claim

December 17, 2009

in an attempt to become more health conscious, Kellogg’s decided to add the phrase “Now helps support your child’s immunity.”  Kelly Brownell, director of Yale University’s Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity, stated “By their logic, you can spray vitamins on a pile of leaves, and it will boost immunity.” Click here to check out the rest of the article.

[me] & goji contains food as nature intended it: unprocessed and without synthetic or artificial ingredients. in addition, our automatic nutritional counter allows you to design a cereal for your specific nutritional needs.

unfortunately, we were unable to get a quote from a Kellogg rep.  We were, however, able to reach Lucy, mother of [me] & goji founder Alexander, who released this statement, “It’s terrible to think of all the sugar and artificial ingredients they put in children’s cereal today. I wish [me] & goji was around when I was raising Alexander, maybe we could have gotten him to sit still once in awhile. Wait, you’re not going to quote me on that blog of yours are y… (lost connection).”

so while some people tell you not to fear the unknown, we take comfort in knowing exactly what goes into our cereal. check out some of recommended mixes in our cereal store today!


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