[me] & goji makes its television debut!

September 29, 2009

last saturday, adam and alexander took a trip to the big apple to be on Fox Business Channel’s show Your Money, Your Questions. the pair shared a discussion with hosts Dagen and Tracy and special guest Jordan Zimmerman, founder of Zimmerman, and Barry Nalebluff, founder of Honest Beverages.

“this was our first time on TV and i’m really happy with how it went. we were given invaluable knowledge from experts of the marketing and retail industries,” Adam told me (Alexander) while we mixed cereal at the warehouse the next day. “the screen shots of our product and website were cool too,” he added.

special thanks to Fox Business Channel for allowing us to share our story!  we will take the advice we learned on the show to heart and hopefully get a chance to come back on and update everyone on our progress.  next time, we’ll try not to watch ourselves on the screen to the left while being filmed (oops!).

check us out!

[me] & goji fox news part 1

part 1

[me] & goji fox news interview part 2

part 2


One Response to “[me] & goji makes its television debut!”

  1. neil said

    Good Luck to you guys. I saw you on Fox, thought it would be perfect for me, cuz i love to weightlift. I could pick some higher protein and antioxidant ingredients !!


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