meet me at the cacao.. cacao cabanaaa

August 3, 2009

it’s a party in your bowl when you add these small, but oh so mighty cacao nibs to your mix.

whether at a cabana beach party or the breakfast table, this antioxidant filled pick me up is actually one of nature’s best mood enhancers.

what are these innocent crumbly brown pieces? they’re actually the edible part of the cocoa bean after it has been cleaned, roasted and hulled. after a multitude of steps (involving a multitude of continents) you get what are known as cacao nibs. now these are what chocolate is made from.

eat them just as they are.. but don’t get fooled by their unassuming size. these are not your typical valentine’s day kisses that have been bunched and mashed into a paste with some added cocoa butter and sugar and maybe a little lecithin to keep everything running smoothly. Cacao nibs are far richer, more intense in flavor because of their raw, pure state. basically, they are naked chocolate.

so add some unadulterated goodness to your next mix. i can’t promise things won’t get a little crazy. cacao, can you handle it?


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