The Sports Club / LA now carrying [me] & goji

July 31, 2009

We are extremely excited to announce that The Sports Club / LA in NYC is now offering [me] & goji in their cafe!

Picture 1

The Sports Club / LA is one of the finest sports and fitness complexes in the world and every amenity they offer is “created to inspire you, challenge you, and surpass your every expectation.”

For our new venture, we teamed up with the talented nutrition and wellness coach, Lara S. Sutton of LSM Nutrition to design 4 custom mixes for the members of The Sports Club /LA.

cereally INVIGORATING: this mix sparks quick starts and sustained energy. your body efficiently converts the natural sugars in apple and banana into quick energy and the Lysine in amaranth helps produce collagen, the protein that fortifies bones and tendons.

Recipe ID: 121475 Flaxed and Flaked, Apple x2, Banana x2, Zante Currant


cereally REVIVING: this mix replenishes. the nutrient-dense, free-radical killing goji berries re-charge your body with 11 essential minerals and 18 amino acids while the simple carbs restore muscle glycogen and aid nutrient absorption.

Recipe ID: 121476 Artisanal Cereal, Goji x2, Maine Wild Blueberries x2, Almond


whoa! PROTEIN: this mix satisfies your appetite & your muscles by packing 8 grams of straight-from-nature (not scientists) protein and 5g of fiber. with only 4g grams of sugar, you can be confident you are getting the most out of each calorie you put in.

Recipe ID: 121478 Samurai Wheat, Wheat Germ, Strawberries x2, Soy Nuts x2, Pumpkin Seeds x2, Walnuts, Pistachios


GRANOLA-LA: this granola nourishes and inspires with crunchy textures and colorful superfoods that fight free-radicals and vitalize your taste buds. get it? got it? goji!

Recipe ID: 121479 Golden Granola, Caocao Nibs, Hunza Goldenraisins, Goji, Mulberry, Brazil Nuts

la 1

On tuesday and wednesday, Adam joined Lara and our director of new business, George, at the Upper East Side location for a tasting event.  We sampled the mixes and received some great feedback from the members.

Thank you to Kevin, Lara and everyone at The Sports Club / LA for setting up the event.

Stay tuned for more from this partnership, and if you know of somewhere that you think is a good fit for [me] & goji, send George an e-mail!

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