tennis & goji: meet your match!

July 26, 2009


let’s see how the 3 top seeds in tennis face up against the 3 top seeds in nature!

roger federer, men’s tennis world no. 1 player
– his wimbledon match against roddick holds the all time record for the most games in the 5th set and broke the record for total games every played in a grand slam.


chia seed, the high-energy endurance seed that raises hydration levels to the max. how else do you expect to survive a grueling 4 hours and 18 minutes of thrilling tennis?

rafael “rafa” nadal, men’s tennis world no. 2 player:
– the reigning king of clay became the first player to simultaneously hold grand slam titles on clay, grass, and hard court.


flax seed, the one that fights everything from heart disease and diabetes to even cancer is surely fit for the player who’s game hinges high on defensive pressure. now if only flax could fix one’s fashion sense. like those capri pants.. cerealsly, rafa?

serena williams, women’s tennis world no. 1 player
– after crushing her older sister venus in a mere 87 minutes, it seems that power beats endurance for this super sibling’s a-game.


– amaranth seed, the highest source of lysine, the essential amino acid that energizes our muscles and strengthens our bones for those power play points or sister show-downs.

well looks like these players just got served three-love. to find your super seed visit who knows, you could find a match made in heaven!


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