it’s tour de goji time!

July 20, 2009


[me]&goji has gone biker chic, check out this recent singletrack‘s review!

if biker chic means tight spandex and a steel marinoni then we are talking to you. if you were thinking along the lines of black leather bombers and harleys, well go find grease lighting or change your gears because with [me]&goji it’s just pure summer lovin. just ask this avid mountain biker and cereal fan!

after our cyclist switched from a diet of “peanut butter crackers” to [me]&goji custom blend cereal before riding, his energy and endurance skyrocketed. he found “in terms of nutrition and fuel for your body you really can’t do much better than a personalized mix from [me]& goji…. it’s customized nutrition that’s perfect for mountain bikers, whether you’re in training or just trying to stay healthy”

we can’t help but agree. that is because the nutritional power behind our ingredients is perfect before climbing monster terrains, high grinds, or those days you’re just plain cruising. if your looking for increased hydration try out chia seeds like our reviewer. he found that“chia seeds absorb 12 times their weight in water and prolong incredible levels of hydration” need better endurance? add some almonds in your mix for that protein punch, it is ideal for trail blazing paths and those long, winding roads.

whatever your taste may be, at me&[goji] we make sure what you’re putting in your bowl will optimize your performance as a mountain biker out there on the trail. with over fifty ingredients to choose from, there is something new and healthy for you. let’s just say, it is bound to be a wild ride.

so let’s put a new spin on cereal, try [me]&goji today.

did we mention how cool the capsule looks saddled on your bike?

happy trails!


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