We are extremely excited to announce that The Sports Club / LA in NYC is now offering [me] & goji in their cafe!

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The Sports Club / LA is one of the finest sports and fitness complexes in the world and every amenity they offer is “created to inspire you, challenge you, and surpass your every expectation.”

For our new venture, we teamed up with the talented nutrition and wellness coach, Lara S. Sutton of LSM Nutrition to design 4 custom mixes for the members of The Sports Club /LA.

cereally INVIGORATING: this mix sparks quick starts and sustained energy. your body efficiently converts the natural sugars in apple and banana into quick energy and the Lysine in amaranth helps produce collagen, the protein that fortifies bones and tendons.

Recipe ID: 121475 Flaxed and Flaked, Apple x2, Banana x2, Zante Currant


cereally REVIVING: this mix replenishes. the nutrient-dense, free-radical killing goji berries re-charge your body with 11 essential minerals and 18 amino acids while the simple carbs restore muscle glycogen and aid nutrient absorption.

Recipe ID: 121476 Artisanal Cereal, Goji x2, Maine Wild Blueberries x2, Almond


whoa! PROTEIN: this mix satisfies your appetite & your muscles by packing 8 grams of straight-from-nature (not scientists) protein and 5g of fiber. with only 4g grams of sugar, you can be confident you are getting the most out of each calorie you put in.

Recipe ID: 121478 Samurai Wheat, Wheat Germ, Strawberries x2, Soy Nuts x2, Pumpkin Seeds x2, Walnuts, Pistachios


GRANOLA-LA: this granola nourishes and inspires with crunchy textures and colorful superfoods that fight free-radicals and vitalize your taste buds. get it? got it? goji!

Recipe ID: 121479 Golden Granola, Caocao Nibs, Hunza Goldenraisins, Goji, Mulberry, Brazil Nuts

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On tuesday and wednesday, Adam joined Lara and our director of new business, George, at the Upper East Side location for a tasting event.  We sampled the mixes and received some great feedback from the members.

Thank you to Kevin, Lara and everyone at The Sports Club / LA for setting up the event.

Stay tuned for more from this partnership, and if you know of somewhere that you think is a good fit for [me] & goji, send George an e-mail!

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truth be told: not blown away by the overall creativity this week. i guess it is the middle of summer and people are just busy reFlaxing on the beach!

…see how easy it is ;O)

here we go:

1. The Right Side of Bed
2. Bowled Over at 49
3. Cat’s Pre-Wedding Health Mix
4. Sunflower Flakes
5. Fun Lovin’ Cereal

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let’s see how the 3 top seeds in tennis face up against the 3 top seeds in nature!

roger federer, men’s tennis world no. 1 player
– his wimbledon match against roddick holds the all time record for the most games in the 5th set and broke the record for total games every played in a grand slam.


chia seed, the high-energy endurance seed that raises hydration levels to the max. how else do you expect to survive a grueling 4 hours and 18 minutes of thrilling tennis?

rafael “rafa” nadal, men’s tennis world no. 2 player:
– the reigning king of clay became the first player to simultaneously hold grand slam titles on clay, grass, and hard court.


flax seed, the one that fights everything from heart disease and diabetes to even cancer is surely fit for the player who’s game hinges high on defensive pressure. now if only flax could fix one’s fashion sense. like those capri pants.. cerealsly, rafa?

serena williams, women’s tennis world no. 1 player
– after crushing her older sister venus in a mere 87 minutes, it seems that power beats endurance for this super sibling’s a-game.


– amaranth seed, the highest source of lysine, the essential amino acid that energizes our muscles and strengthens our bones for those power play points or sister show-downs.

well looks like these players just got served three-love. to find your super seed visit meandgoji.com. who knows, you could find a match made in heaven!

one of our cereally talented interns, Pranav, put together this video to introduce people to the new evolution of cereal.

if you haven’t already, subscribe to our YouTube channel!

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here is this week’s batch, enjoy!

1. Loaded ‘n Oated Mix
2. On the warpath for nutrition
3. sort of a muffin
4. Sue’s Boot Camp
5. like a snack without the preservatives!

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[me]&goji has gone biker chic, check out this recent singletrack‘s review!

if biker chic means tight spandex and a steel marinoni then we are talking to you. if you were thinking along the lines of black leather bombers and harleys, well go find grease lighting or change your gears because with [me]&goji it’s just pure summer lovin. just ask this avid mountain biker and cereal fan!

after our cyclist switched from a diet of “peanut butter crackers” to [me]&goji custom blend cereal before riding, his energy and endurance skyrocketed. he found “in terms of nutrition and fuel for your body you really can’t do much better than a personalized mix from [me]& goji…. it’s customized nutrition that’s perfect for mountain bikers, whether you’re in training or just trying to stay healthy”

we can’t help but agree. that is because the nutritional power behind our ingredients is perfect before climbing monster terrains, high grinds, or those days you’re just plain cruising. if your looking for increased hydration try out chia seeds like our reviewer. he found that“chia seeds absorb 12 times their weight in water and prolong incredible levels of hydration” need better endurance? add some almonds in your mix for that protein punch, it is ideal for trail blazing paths and those long, winding roads.

whatever your taste may be, at me&[goji] we make sure what you’re putting in your bowl will optimize your performance as a mountain biker out there on the trail. with over fifty ingredients to choose from, there is something new and healthy for you. let’s just say, it is bound to be a wild ride.

so let’s put a new spin on cereal, try [me]&goji today.

did we mention how cool the capsule looks saddled on your bike?

happy trails!

As always, these are our creative customers! Comment on your favorite?

1) Soy you wanna eat breakfast with me…?
2) 8 hearty grams of protein
3) Lisa’s Summer Sizzle…Thanks for keeping me moving and healthy!
4) Fiberlicious
5) Razzleberry Krackel Flakes

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food and wine

and we couldn’t be more excited!  food & wine tasted dozens of natural cereals and, in the end, chose us as their favorite! adam swears it was the superfood sunday that got them hooked.

whatever it was, the atmosphere at [me] & goji can only be compared to that of taking the prom queen to the big dance!

so check out the article in this month’s food & wine or you can view it online!


here are some fascinating facts about cereal you never even knew you should know….


cereal was invented by colonial housewives who started serving up popcorn with sugar and cream for breakfast. pocahontas puffs anyone?


the average american eats 160 bowls of cereal each year. that is why [me]&goji capsules can hold over 21 ounces! way more than your standard cardboard box. so eat your heart out, cereal lover.


the first ready-made breakfast cereal was invented by james c. jackson way back in 1863. his recipe was a whole grain flour dough base baked into dry leaves, broken into chunks to be baked again, then ground into even smaller chunks.

sound appetizing? honestly, let’s just be thankful for the cereal revolution. at [me] & goji, you can now enjoy and create unique cereal combinations for every palate.


u.s. and israeli researchers recently found strong evidence that humans refined wheat and barley into cereal over 23,000 years ago! this groundbreaking discovery suggests humans were processing grains long before hunter-gather societies even developed agriculture.

wow, cereal was here way before you were ever born. before colonial housewives settled in the americas. before James C. Jackson decided dry leaves were food. looks like the cave men really knew the essentials, earth. wind. fire. cereal.

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