Strawberry Fields Forever

June 29, 2009

right now is strawberry season. thinking strawberry shortcake? pffff, so over-rated. try out [strawberry] & goji instead.

this fruit is the very first to blossom in the spring, and are so juicy and succulent this time of year. but who ever thought strawberries are not actually a berry, but the enlarged receptacle of a flower?  sounds like these strawberries are some pretty seedy characters.

strawberries & goji

strawberries & goji

well, that is to be expected. with over 200 seeds in each berry, they are the most prolific fruit on the planet! i guess we will be looking at strawberry fields forever, which is lucky for us strawberry-lovers.

so what constitutes a strawberry lover?  in a recent national survey, strawberry-lovers were described as healthy, fun-loving, intelligent and happy. non-strawberry lovers were described as weird, boring, stuffy, picky and fussy eaters. add some strawberries to your mix today and make the world and yourself a little more fun!
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