introducing lower shipping! …& [me] & goji TV

June 16, 2009

guess what?  [me] & goji has a YouTube Channel and you can subscribe to it!

we will be using it for all sorts of things like posting announcements (see below), flexing our creativity with some fun viral videos, and creating a place for our customers who don’t like to read–or are too lazy to–to learn about what’s going on at [me] & goji.

here is our first [me] & goji TV feature describing our new summer shipping special!

despite his fanciful charm and boyish good looks, this is alexander’s first time on the big screen, so be kind!

for those who prefer to read, we will describe our new shipping for you in sweet prose!


nothing can stop alexander from making this announcment!*

if there is one thing alexander hates, its expensive shipping! and we know you do to. that is why we are subsidizing the shipping cost to provide you with greater value!

shipping now costs only $4.99 (in the US)

each additional mix is only $.99!

you will still receive a confirmation email with tracking information when your cereal ships and your cereal will still arrive at your home or office within 1 week of ordering!

us little guys are not subject to large volume discounts from carriers such as Fedex or UPS,  but as we continue to grow, the cost of shipping will lower. to learn more about our shipping click here.

take advantage of our low shipping costs today and tell your west coast friends!

*well, maybe a metal door

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One Response to “introducing lower shipping! …& [me] & goji TV”

  1. Nic said

    The cuteness of that video only makes me want to shop here more 🙂
    I didn’t see the 6 capsules = free shipping you just mentioned written anywhere on your site though. Not sure if it was something you wanted to advertise, but it’s one of those things that I definitely thought “good to know!” about. Is that part of the “summer shipping special” or something you always do?

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