goji gives gorges of granola! (and muesli)

June 3, 2009

since we launched last September, we have been using the same packaging–our Cereal Capsules–for 3 very different products: cereal, muesli and granola.  to this point, all of our mixes have come with 600g.  unfortunately,  600g (21oz) of granola or muesli looks like a lot less than 600g of traditional, puffy, cereal flakes.  many customers felt their Cereal Capsules were mistakenly filled only half way, when in fact there really was 600g (21oz) of granola or muesli all along.

from this day forth, [me] & goji PROMISES to never leave your cereal capsule half empty (or free style rhyme again).

to take advantage of our voluminous Cereal Capsules, we now fill them with 850g of granola or muesli.  that is 21 servings!  you receive an extra 6 servings (the amount many store-bought cereals come with) for only 99 cents…a weeks worth of your favorite custom mix! design your own cereal and keep your body and wallet healthy in a tough economy. for under $1 a bowl, you can enjoy a snack or meal of the healthiest foods on earth!

goji mix

as you know from our previous blogs, we are always looking to improve.  your feedback leads to these improvements, so speak up! as a show of appreciation for your feedback, enjoy 10% off your next order with coupon code MAKEUSBETTER.

get granolaing gow! (ok that was the last time)


4 Responses to “goji gives gorges of granola! (and muesli)”

  1. Rocky Mountain Lady said

    Hopefully, most of us can identify quality and true volume over the fluffy, sugary, but “more” looking stuff. Where else can you make your own healthy stuff with such an array of cool ingredients?

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Flipper said

    I love the different exotic ingredients and being able to flavor my cereal with yummy fruits instead of sugars and sweeteners that other companies add. Keep up the good work goji!

  3. bnapp14 said

    well done fellas! i remember emailing the team a few weeks ago about my granola order, the ladies at my flower shop were ready to revolt! its nice to see a company that not only listens, but executes on customer feedback.

  4. traveleatlove said

    I am looking forward to receiving my order!

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