right now is strawberry season. thinking strawberry shortcake? pffff, so over-rated. try out [strawberry] & goji instead.

this fruit is the very first to blossom in the spring, and are so juicy and succulent this time of year. but who ever thought strawberries are not actually a berry, but the enlarged receptacle of a flower?  sounds like these strawberries are some pretty seedy characters.

strawberries & goji

strawberries & goji

well, that is to be expected. with over 200 seeds in each berry, they are the most prolific fruit on the planet! i guess we will be looking at strawberry fields forever, which is lucky for us strawberry-lovers.

so what constitutes a strawberry lover?  in a recent national survey, strawberry-lovers were described as healthy, fun-loving, intelligent and happy. non-strawberry lovers were described as weird, boring, stuffy, picky and fussy eaters. add some strawberries to your mix today and make the world and yourself a little more fun!
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and row they did! special thanks thanks to our rock star customer, shown above, for providing us photo’s from her rowing clinic last weekend.  check her out- balancing her vessel in one hand and our Cereal Capsule in the other.

after her clinic, gay brought over her [me] & goji mix to share with her friends Mark Wilson and Jim Deitz of All American Rowing Camp. and judging from the pictures below, the Olympian and NCAA champ enjoyed every bit!


be sure to keep us in mind for your next event or if you just want to have a fun cereal day at the office!

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adam wanted to make #3 the winner because of his boston heritage, but the swede (aka Carl) just didn’t get it…

speaking of yogurt, have you tried sprinkling your favorite [me] & goji mix on some Greek yogurt?  so good!

1. making yogurt edible one bowl at a time
2. mmmuesli
3. Wicked Good Stuff

4. Atilla the Hun Energy
5. Mom’s DO NOT Eat

check out some past winners and gain some inspiration for your own mixes!

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guess what?  [me] & goji has a YouTube Channel and you can subscribe to it!

we will be using it for all sorts of things like posting announcements (see below), flexing our creativity with some fun viral videos, and creating a place for our customers who don’t like to read–or are too lazy to–to learn about what’s going on at [me] & goji.

here is our first [me] & goji TV feature describing our new summer shipping special!

despite his fanciful charm and boyish good looks, this is alexander’s first time on the big screen, so be kind!

for those who prefer to read, we will describe our new shipping for you in sweet prose!


nothing can stop alexander from making this announcment!*

if there is one thing alexander hates, its expensive shipping! and we know you do to. that is why we are subsidizing the shipping cost to provide you with greater value!

shipping now costs only $4.99 (in the US)

each additional mix is only $.99!

you will still receive a confirmation email with tracking information when your cereal ships and your cereal will still arrive at your home or office within 1 week of ordering!

us little guys are not subject to large volume discounts from carriers such as Fedex or UPS,  but as we continue to grow, the cost of shipping will lower. to learn more about our shipping click here.

take advantage of our low shipping costs today and tell your west coast friends!

*well, maybe a metal door

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creativity was popping last week! all of these could have been 1st on another week, but just we couldn’t resist the old fashioned wholesomeness of our winner… ;O)

leave a comment and vote for your favorite!

1. Pat
2. Beef and Clam Cereal (so stay away)
3. K-leen’s Super Awesome Morning Yumminess for Running Marathons as Quick as Leaping Maggots in Hot Frying Grease
5. Eric’s Big Break(fast)

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The sun-times published a cool article on [me] & goji yesterday.  both alexander and adam went to northwestern university so chicago is a bit like our home away from home.

[me] & goji cereal chicago sun-times

the best part of the article is the author Mike Thomas quotes one of our chicago customers, Kate Gibbs.  Thanks for the kind words, Kate!

read the chicago-sun times article on [me] & goji cereal.
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recently, Paul Krugman published a op-ed column, An Affordable Salvation, in the New York Times.  he writes in favor of a cap-and-trade system for emissions and national legislation requiring companies to reduce emissions slowly over time.  his message is simple.  (1) cap-and-trade will increase energy costs.  (2) the cost of living and doing business will increase.  (3) BUT NOT ENOUGH to prevent economic growth.  strong words from a Nobel prize winner in economics.

[me] & goji cereal windmill

these cap-and-trade systems will help alternative energy projects, like those [me]&goji supports through our green tag program and partnership with BEF, expand faster.

check out this cereal company’s take on Green Tags

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since we launched last September, we have been using the same packaging–our Cereal Capsules–for 3 very different products: cereal, muesli and granola.  to this point, all of our mixes have come with 600g.  unfortunately,  600g (21oz) of granola or muesli looks like a lot less than 600g of traditional, puffy, cereal flakes.  many customers felt their Cereal Capsules were mistakenly filled only half way, when in fact there really was 600g (21oz) of granola or muesli all along.

from this day forth, [me] & goji PROMISES to never leave your cereal capsule half empty (or free style rhyme again).

to take advantage of our voluminous Cereal Capsules, we now fill them with 850g of granola or muesli.  that is 21 servings!  you receive an extra 6 servings (the amount many store-bought cereals come with) for only 99 cents…a weeks worth of your favorite custom mix! design your own cereal and keep your body and wallet healthy in a tough economy. for under $1 a bowl, you can enjoy a snack or meal of the healthiest foods on earth!

goji mix

as you know from our previous blogs, we are always looking to improve.  your feedback leads to these improvements, so speak up! as a show of appreciation for your feedback, enjoy 10% off your next order with coupon code MAKEUSBETTER.

get granolaing gow! (ok that was the last time)