cereal offender nabbed (yikes!)

May 14, 2009

any cereal lover knows that fierce, impending urge for a bowl of cereal. hopefully, you have more restraint than this man when the craving strikes!

a man pulled over for erratic driving last week was discovered to have been eating a bowl of cereal as he drove.


“In the process of a routine inventory search of the car, officers noticed a bowl of milk and cereal sitting on the passenger seat. Schlittler said officers found the man’s impromptu meal was still cold, he said.”

“’The individual indicated he was hungry and was eating the cereal,” said Needham Police Lieutenant John Schlittler.'”

we at [me] & goji think the man was just trying to finish off his standard store-bought box before it went stale.  had his cereal came in one of our freshness-retaining Cereal Capsules, this whole mess could have been avoided!

read the article here

[via The Boston Globe]

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One Response to “cereal offender nabbed (yikes!)”

  1. Pearl said

    so cute! thanks for sharing! i just recently reviewed mixmygranola but i think that me&goji would be much more suitable to my tastes 🙂

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