The Food and Farming Transition: a new report from PCI

May 5, 2009

the Post Carbon Institute just published a new report, The Food and Farming Transition, outlining a new direction for farming in the United States.  the report predicts that as the price of petroleum, natural gas and fertilizer rises, conventional farming techniques and transportation routes will become economically unsustainable.  PCIs solutions include promoting alternative forms of energy production on farms, diversifying the types of crops grown on a single farm, and growing more staple crops locally.  by turning away from fossil fuels, farming becomes more economical and environmentally sustainable.

coverpage of The Food and Farming Transition

cover page for "The Food and Farming Transition"

while some aspects of PCIs new food economy are improbable (but no doubt desirable), the writers have a commendable grasp of the time scale and transition phases required to compel farmers to reduce their reliance on fuel and farming techniques which endanger the environment and contribute to global warming.

among their best suggestions are long term and structural solutions for developing alternative energy technology and encouraging organic framing practices – two projects [me]&goji works hard to support through our green tag program and loyalty to natural and organic cereal ingredients.

so take a look!  even if you disagree, the report is thought provoking and offers many practical solutions.
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