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[me] & goji would like to congratulate jake herbert on finishing his amazing collegiate wrestling career with his second national championship and being awarded the Dan Hodge Trophy, given to the most outstanding collegiate wrestler of the year.

jake attended northwestern university and became close friends with alexander and adam through the sports program. when asked to sample our cereal, jake was instantly hooked!

“[me] & goji is the perfect product for serious athletes. especially for wrestlers who need to monitor what we put into our bodies. the nutritional counter lets me know how many calories i’m having per seving, and it keeps me full when i’m trying to make weight!”

thanks jake for the kind words! for more information on jake and to keep up with his quest for world wrestling domination, check out his website!


1. athlEAT
2. burnt toast? eat this
3. reward for working late
4. berry foolish
5. please fix my broken wrist =]

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any cereal lover knows that fierce, impending urge for a bowl of cereal. hopefully, you have more restraint than this man when the craving strikes!

a man pulled over for erratic driving last week was discovered to have been eating a bowl of cereal as he drove.


“In the process of a routine inventory search of the car, officers noticed a bowl of milk and cereal sitting on the passenger seat. Schlittler said officers found the man’s impromptu meal was still cold, he said.”

“’The individual indicated he was hungry and was eating the cereal,” said Needham Police Lieutenant John Schlittler.'”

we at [me] & goji think the man was just trying to finish off his standard store-bought box before it went stale.  had his cereal came in one of our freshness-retaining Cereal Capsules, this whole mess could have been avoided!

read the article here

[via The Boston Globe]

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1. I can’t believe it’s not lucky charms
2. crunch crunch bang bang
3. we miss you every morning!
4. go vegan & squeeze boobs
5. my lucky tastebuds

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Happy Mother’s Day!

May 11, 2009

Happy Mother’s Day to all the great moms out there, and especially to our mom’s: Lucy, Rune & Paulette!!


Remember, $1 from every Pink Mix goes to the Pink Door Nonprofit, supporting breast cancer survivors.

the Post Carbon Institute just published a new report, The Food and Farming Transition, outlining a new direction for farming in the United States.  the report predicts that as the price of petroleum, natural gas and fertilizer rises, conventional farming techniques and transportation routes will become economically unsustainable.  PCIs solutions include promoting alternative forms of energy production on farms, diversifying the types of crops grown on a single farm, and growing more staple crops locally.  by turning away from fossil fuels, farming becomes more economical and environmentally sustainable.

coverpage of The Food and Farming Transition

cover page for "The Food and Farming Transition"

while some aspects of PCIs new food economy are improbable (but no doubt desirable), the writers have a commendable grasp of the time scale and transition phases required to compel farmers to reduce their reliance on fuel and farming techniques which endanger the environment and contribute to global warming.

among their best suggestions are long term and structural solutions for developing alternative energy technology and encouraging organic framing practices – two projects [me]&goji works hard to support through our green tag program and loyalty to natural and organic cereal ingredients.

so take a look!  even if you disagree, the report is thought provoking and offers many practical solutions.
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