say hi to [me] & goji’s new, more efficient Cereal Capsule

April 2, 2009


starting this week, our returning customers will notice that their sleek Cereal Capsules are slightly shorter than their predecessors. one inch shorter, to be exact.  don’t worry, we are still shipping the same ammount of cereal and granola (600g, 21+oz), but we have eliminated empty, wasted space.

cereal capsule size comparison

cereal capsule size comparison

why shorter Cereal Capsules?

-more sustainable: the  amount of materials used in the packaging and labels was decreased by 8.3%, meaning significantly less carbon dioxide emissions in the creation of the packaging.

-more functional: the main purpose of packaging is to protect the product. we discovered that the excess space created from cereal settling during shipping caused flakes to jostle around and crush easier.  the new size keeps cereal fresher and crunchier.

-more portable: the new size fits more comfortably in cabinets and is easier to take on trips, hikes, to school and in the car.  cereal on the go!

how much cereal does a Cereal Capsule hold compared to a regular cereal box?

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One Response to “say hi to [me] & goji’s new, more efficient Cereal Capsule”

  1. Marlene DeBlasio said

    I have been trying to navigate your website with no success today. Are you having problems? I am getting a message about communication not successful when I try to put a cereal together.

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