lots of good ones this week made it hard to rank them, but nonetheless, here you go!

1) Hypothetic-O’s

2) Gojilla Attacks Tokyo

3) Oh! t’meel

4) I’ll Show You Nutmeg!

5) Ren’s Super Special Morning Goodness for Mutton-Chopped Wizard Ninjas

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make a mix, plant a tree

make a mix, plant a tree

1 cereal = 1 tree

in celebration of earth day, [me] & goji will make a donation to American Forests to have one tree planted for each Cereal Capsule ordered on Wednesday, April, 22.

American Forests is a world leader in planting trees for environmental restoration, a pioneer in the science and practice of urban forestry, and a primary communicator of the benefits of trees and forests.


the [me] & goji forest

if you order 1 mix, we’ll plant 1 tree. if you order 4 mixes, we’ll plant 4 trees. get your whole office to order, and we’ll plant a forest!

plant more trees: forward this along to your friends and family!

planting trees is as easy as eating a proper breakfast: start planting

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here we go…

1) Heartbreak Hill Helper
2) Creme Brulee without the Creme
3) T.G.I.M. (Thank God It’s Mornin’)
4) Granola Party in your mouth!
5) this cereal is bananas

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it’s nice and cool in boston: great day for a race!


sorry for missing last week but it just meant we had more names to choose from! strange thing this week: we saw an increase in names–how should we put it–unfit for all audiences…must be the warmer weather!

here we go…

1) i made this cereal at work instead of actually working
2) edgy veggie fuel
3) I live in a warm place and eat yummy cereal
4) Triple G – goji, gluten-free goodness
5) Julia’s Private Stock

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happy bunny-day!

April 13, 2009


Cereal Capsule winner

April 11, 2009

as the trees start to bud so do our customers’ creativity…

we would like to announce the winner of our Cereal Capsule contest: Lynn Sperl for her chic zebra-print kitchen utensil holder! fashion meets function!

congratulations Lynn, the next mix you design is on us!

have you reused your Cereal Capsule in a unique way?  send your pics to  contact@meandgoji.com and you could win a free mix if we post your pic!

zebra-style cereal capsule

zebra-style cereal capsule

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we have had a bunch of requests for a way for co-workers, sports teams, or other groups to order together and save on shipping.  our solution: cereal sashimi.


we created an order form with all our ingredients inspired by the “check-box” sashimi order forms at sushi restaurants.  get your group together and simply check off the boxes of the ingredients you want in your cereal and fax them over to us.

shipping is FREE for orders of 8 or more Cereal Capsules.

below is a pic from the Family Care Center in Tewksbury MA where all the employees got to design their own mix for National Secretary’s Day and National Nurse’s Day. so cool!

cereal sashimi is great for personalized corporate gifts, buying clubs, sports teams and any group that wants to eat healthy and save on shipping.

e-mail contact@meandgoji.com for the Cereal Sashimi order form today!


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starting this week, our returning customers will notice that their sleek Cereal Capsules are slightly shorter than their predecessors. one inch shorter, to be exact.  don’t worry, we are still shipping the same ammount of cereal and granola (600g, 21+oz), but we have eliminated empty, wasted space.

cereal capsule size comparison

cereal capsule size comparison

why shorter Cereal Capsules?

-more sustainable: the  amount of materials used in the packaging and labels was decreased by 8.3%, meaning significantly less carbon dioxide emissions in the creation of the packaging.

-more functional: the main purpose of packaging is to protect the product. we discovered that the excess space created from cereal settling during shipping caused flakes to jostle around and crush easier.  the new size keeps cereal fresher and crunchier.

-more portable: the new size fits more comfortably in cabinets and is easier to take on trips, hikes, to school and in the car.  cereal on the go!

how much cereal does a Cereal Capsule hold compared to a regular cereal box?

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