[me] & goji hot cereal

March 16, 2009

our 5-grain muesli base makes an incredible hot cereal.


whether you are a staunch hot cereal afficianado like adam’s dad or you occasionally will eat oat meal if someone makes it for you, we highly recommend you try our hot cereal.  our home-made blend of rolled spelt, barley, and rye flakes along with raw wheat germ and oat bran simmer together into creamy bliss.  how do you make this sweet dream-in-a-bowl, you ask?

1) design your own cereal using our 5-grain muesli base.

2) follow the instructions on the side of your Cereal Capsule, pictured above

packed with taste and nutriton, our hot cereal is a great way to start your morning and stay feeling full through lunch!

Q: do any ingredients go particularly well in the hot cereal?

A: yessir.  our diced apple plumps up in the pan and bursts with flavor as if it were straight off the tree.  also chia seeds can absorb 12 times their weight in water giving the cereal a nice creamy texture.  to add a sweet n’ sour zing to the cereal, try goldenberries.

do you have your own recipe? let us know!

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