we love custom cereal from [me] & gojimusic to our ears!

our friends over at dietsinreview.com put [me] & goji to the test to see exactly what this custom cereal thing is all about.  see how we did…

on another note, they also made [me] & goji a late addition to their top cereals list
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[me] & goji lowers shipping to canada

after countless phone calls and visits to the local post office, we have come up with a much more affordable solution to Canadians’ shipping concerns. instead of $16 a Cereal Capsule, we can now charge about $8!

what are you doing still reading this?  take off, eh!  (translation for “yalls” reading this, go to our website and start mixing!)

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just got around to scanning this article from the NH Union Leader last month.  remember when scanners first came out and they were the coolest thing ever, but took forever to scan anything?  staples knocked this out for 50 cents in 30 seconds.

me&goji article nh sunday news custom cereal

the full [me] & goji union leader article – A Cereal Story (PDF)

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even if you don’t speak french, you hopefully speak environment.  this hand-drawn animation acts as a powerful voice against nuclear energy.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

with all the current discussion on alternative energies and decreasing our dependency on oil, one solution is increasing our nuclear energy production. while nuclear energy emits very little carbon dioxide into the environment during production, there are many disadvantages that should be discussed as often as the pros.

-nuclear waste must be carefully stored and monitored for thousands of years (yes, thousands)
-with increased terrorist activity, nuclear plants are a prime target
-they take 20+ years to build
-accidents happen

and, if you do speak french, learn more about the campaign

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last weeks Top 5.  it was hard to resist adding spring into health onto here!  i just couldn’t taint the integrity of the sacred top 5 cereal names of the week list…

1) Currant Events

2) Hit the Trail Mix

3) Rick’s Cereal Monogamy

4) Dessert (Just Add Milk)

5) Around the Mulberry Tree

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the kind people at The Tranquil Parent wrote a great review of [me] & goji today.  if you have a busy family, this blog offers great practical advice for everything you can think of and especially the things you can’t.


[me] & goji hot cereal

March 16, 2009

our 5-grain muesli base makes an incredible hot cereal.


whether you are a staunch hot cereal afficianado like adam’s dad or you occasionally will eat oat meal if someone makes it for you, we highly recommend you try our hot cereal.  our home-made blend of rolled spelt, barley, and rye flakes along with raw wheat germ and oat bran simmer together into creamy bliss.  how do you make this sweet dream-in-a-bowl, you ask?

1) design your own cereal using our 5-grain muesli base.

2) follow the instructions on the side of your Cereal Capsule, pictured above

packed with taste and nutriton, our hot cereal is a great way to start your morning and stay feeling full through lunch!

Q: do any ingredients go particularly well in the hot cereal?

A: yessir.  our diced apple plumps up in the pan and bursts with flavor as if it were straight off the tree.  also chia seeds can absorb 12 times their weight in water giving the cereal a nice creamy texture.  to add a sweet n’ sour zing to the cereal, try goldenberries.

do you have your own recipe? let us know!

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#1 this week might be our favorite of all time!

1) it’s a luau in my mouth and every flake, fruit, and nut is invited!

2) Does This Cereal Make Me a Hippie?

3) Fruity, Gluty-free Flakes

4) Hottest Goji on Campus

5) Vanessa’s In Love  (EEEK!)

Last Week

Week Before

Week Before That

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saturday, march 7th, is national cereal day, and [me] & goji would like to use this day to remind everyone that there is a new, healthy alternative to processed and pre-made cereal!

in celebration of this fun holiday, [me] & goji is taking to the streets of New York. be on the lookout for [me] & goji team members passing out samples and tshirts . and if you’re lucky, you may spot mister goji himself!  rumor has it he is outraged by all the artificial ingredients found in today’s cereal options.

ever had a goji? in honor of national cereal day we offering free goji berries for all orders! simply visit meandgoji.com, design and name your mixture from over 50+ all natural and organic ingredients include the goji berries, and enter the coupon code FREEGOJIS upon checkout.

celebrate now!

here are the Top 5 Cereal Names from last week.  our customers are so clever they could be copywriters on the show Mad Men!  Leave a comment and tell us your favorite!

1) So Long Cholesterol

2) love from 9,620.20 miles away

3) superman dat “O”

4) Annie’s Tranquil Parent Mix

5) Tastes Like Home

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