there’s a new base in town and it ain’t a square!

February 15, 2009

healthy hoops

make way artisanal base. look out flax and flaked.  watch your back granola.  [me] & goji hopes  your appetite is ready for our newest base,  healthy hoops!  high in fiber and protein, these organic O’s contain cruncherific quinoa, spelt, kamut, amaranth seeds and wheat germ.

warning: these whole-grain O’s are so crunchy that libraries in 40 states have banned indoor consumption!  watch these life-savers float atop your milk and know that you are throwin’ your body a life line (made of healthy fibers).  O, how [un]sweetened it is!

step aside [me] & goji bases, there is a new comer to the block the kids are jivin’ to!

try some today…


One Response to “there’s a new base in town and it ain’t a square!”

  1. I’m torn- as a librarian, I feel compelled to shhhh everyone. But as an enjoyer of cereals, I want to indulge.

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