[me] & goji organic apparel available now!

February 3, 2009

[me] & goji photo shoot 1
while knights in the middle century were encouraged to wear their hearts on their sleeve, we here at [me] & goji encourage you to wear your appetite for natural and organic superfoods on your body!

presenting the first of many apparel lines from [me] & goji!  we start with 100% USDA certified organic cotton from American Apparel’s Sustainable Edition and finish it off with our sleek logo on the front and encouragement to “think outside the cereal box” on the back!  just in case admirers of our stylish shirt are overwhelmed by your awesomeness to ask where you got it, the backside also features our URL.

[me] & goji photo shoot 2so what’s great about organic cotton you ask? well for starters, buying organic products supports safe and environmentally sound methods. organic crops are grown in balance with natural systems, eliminating the use of synthetic chemicals to ward off insects and weeds that find their way into the groundwater and into people’s bodies, as well as killing over 67 million birds and 14 million fish a year. in addition, our organic cotton is grown on independent and family-owned farms, helping support the little guys like us. for information on organic cotton, checkout American Apparel’s Sustainable Edition.

we have separate mens and womans tshirts, as well as tank tops for woman. WARNING! woman’s sizes run small, so if you are a medium, we recommend a large. check out our clothing line here!

a big thank you to michele for modeling the woman’s line and offsetting alexander’s lack of photogenic ability!

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