even though our ingredients contains food as nature intended it: unprocessed and without synthetic or artificial ingredients, we love the idea of adding fitsugar to our review mix!

the sugar network is a very cool online editorial with 16 distinct lifestyle and entertainment sites covering topics that include celebrity, fashion, shopping, beauty, entertainment, food, health and more. check out what they had to say about [me] & goji after sampling our love lock down, a wintry wake-up and their very own “berry trifecta” mix!

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top 5 cereal names 2/16-2/22

February 24, 2009

definitely seen a boost in creativity since we started the Top 5!  real customers, real names.

1) Man Cannot Live by Toasted Bread Alone

2) back of my station wagon blend

3) Funky Monkey Sans Gluten


5) EZ 2 B A cereal killer

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we saw a boost of creativity this week with a touch of the abstract. real names, real cereal. giddy up!

1) added the gojis so the monks in silk gloves can hire repair workers for their stone monasteries.

2) Happy 200th Birthday Lincoln!

3) What Would Batman Eat?

4) The Only Healthy Thing I’ll Eat All Day

5) Marathon Fuel

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healthy hoops

make way artisanal base. look out flax and flaked.  watch your back granola.  [me] & goji hopes  your appetite is ready for our newest base,  healthy hoops!  high in fiber and protein, these organic O’s contain cruncherific quinoa, spelt, kamut, amaranth seeds and wheat germ.

warning: these whole-grain O’s are so crunchy that libraries in 40 states have banned indoor consumption!  watch these life-savers float atop your milk and know that you are throwin’ your body a life line (made of healthy fibers).  O, how [un]sweetened it is!

step aside [me] & goji bases, there is a new comer to the block the kids are jivin’ to!

try some today…

from the [me] & goji crew


as Northwestern grads, adam and alexander especially appreciate the Chi-town love! remember when Daily Candy Chicago called us “the next big thing?!

read the [me] & goji Time Out feature here.

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some great ones this week.  as always, real people, real names, real cereal…ready set go

1) My Wife Knows What’s Healthy.

2) Raw 5 feat. Goji (Soy Pistachio Remix)

3) Holy Granoly

4) Amanda’s Morning Jump Start to an #@*! Kickin’ Day!

5) Raspberry Love Machine

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boston globe feature

February 7, 2009

check our feature in the Short Orders section of the Boston Globe wednesday.

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top 5 cereal names 1/26-2/1

February 6, 2009

again, these are real cereal names from real cereal-eaters! here we go:


2) The D Man’s Cinna-Flax Chocococ Nutty Deluxe After Dinner Flakes

3) Steve’s Pre-Golf Breakfast (OX)

4) Gojilicious

5) [me] & body, mind, spirit cereal

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[me] & goji photo shoot 1
while knights in the middle century were encouraged to wear their hearts on their sleeve, we here at [me] & goji encourage you to wear your appetite for natural and organic superfoods on your body!

presenting the first of many apparel lines from [me] & goji!  we start with 100% USDA certified organic cotton from American Apparel’s Sustainable Edition and finish it off with our sleek logo on the front and encouragement to “think outside the cereal box” on the back!  just in case admirers of our stylish shirt are overwhelmed by your awesomeness to ask where you got it, the backside also features our URL.

[me] & goji photo shoot 2so what’s great about organic cotton you ask? well for starters, buying organic products supports safe and environmentally sound methods. organic crops are grown in balance with natural systems, eliminating the use of synthetic chemicals to ward off insects and weeds that find their way into the groundwater and into people’s bodies, as well as killing over 67 million birds and 14 million fish a year. in addition, our organic cotton is grown on independent and family-owned farms, helping support the little guys like us. for information on organic cotton, checkout American Apparel’s Sustainable Edition.

we have separate mens and womans tshirts, as well as tank tops for woman. WARNING! woman’s sizes run small, so if you are a medium, we recommend a large. check out our clothing line here!

a big thank you to michele for modeling the woman’s line and offsetting alexander’s lack of photogenic ability!

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