[me] & goji university: interns wanted

January 14, 2009

what?  internships at [me] & goji.
why?  adam’s parents started asking for a salary and benefits!

in all cerealness, we are assembling a team of college students to intern for [me] & goji during the winter, spring and summer semesters. as a small company, mini-gojis (MGs) will have the chance to work alongside adam, carl, and alexander in turning [me] & goji into a cereal powerhouse!  all you need is internet-access and access to both sides of your brain.

MGs will work on the ground level of to gain experience in an exciting start up. the type of experience business school students read about after they graduate college, work in corporate, take the gmat to “keep their options open,” realize they are caught in a rat race and need to start a company but want the safety net of business school in case it doesn’t work out. trust us, we’ve been there, it ain’t pretty.

interested? email your resume to contact@meandgoji.com along with your availability dates and a brief description of why you would be a good fit for our company; specifically, what can you provide us and what you are looking to gain from your internship. also include any additional information you feel we should know.  if we get a good feeling about you, we’ll follow up with more information. good luck future mini-gojis!

sincerealy yours,

adam, alexander & carl

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