[me] & goji has the answers to all life’s questions

January 9, 2009

…so long as your questions pertain to [me] & goji.  we are pleased to announce we have added a frequently asked questions (faq) page to our website.  after 4 months of wonderful feedback, we compiled a list of the most asked about topics and answered all of them on a simple web page.

cosmic questions like: what is the shelf life of my cereal?  what if i don’t like my mix?  is carl single? have been assessed and answered.  but because we are in the answer-giving mood, we’ll tell you now: 3 months, send it back free of charge and yes.

we hope the faq page will allow carl to spend less time answering [me] & goji emails, and more time answering match.com emails! just because we have an faq page, does not mean we aren’t interested in hearing what you have to say. reach out to us anytime with questions or comments at contact@meandgoji.com!



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